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    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2012
    This was on Rip Off Report about a Dillard's Department Store in Ohio. But reading it, you would swear it sounds exactly how Fry's treats the employess. Interesting how they said in California, a Retailer could not get away with that type of abuse. Article:  
    Dillards' complaints are Nationwide. I was horrorized after reading other ex-employees statements. I certainly agreed to what they said. Dillard's is the worst place to work in USA and the lowest payjob. I live here in Boise, Idaho and the labor laws protect the employers. I keep wondering why Dillards don't have a store in California, because the laws there are different, and not employee would put up with Dillards' abusive behavior and violation to the human rights. I wonder why the labor dept let those things happens. I used to work at the women's shoe dept and they don't pay overtime there, because it is commission and of course it is written in the policy that they are exempt. But their trick is that they make you work three hours in the warehouse making you coming earlier as they want and when you are ready to go to the sales floor, you have to work three times harder to make up for three hours you spent in the warehouse to support your day, based on about 100.00 per hour just to make it even. On top of that, you ended up doing manager's tasks when you are on the sales floor fixing displays on tables, while the manager and assistant managers are selling shoes punching those sales commissions into their favorites employees. I have never seen something like that at other places that I worked before. I just want to vomit to all the atrocities this company is doing to their miserable employees. If it wasn't for the misery economy we had, all the employees down there would probably have quitting their jobs. The managers are mean and they talk bad at you and even using the F and the S language. I just couldn't accuse them because they always want to win, denying it. One day I accused a fairly new associate of being disrespectful to me with the Manager of this dept saying the F word in front of a customer and another associate, whichever the circumstances were. The manager instead of apologizing with me and said he will take care of the situation, he asked me: "Did you make him mad?" I told him, if he doesn't take care of situation, I will complaint with the store manager. And he asked me to keep the case between us. No store manager involved. In summary, I am going to end this: I am about 8 years of retirement age, Despite the fact my termination with Dillards, I felt happy to get out of that prison that was infested of Evil Managers  

    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2012
    I like how there are Frys ads on Frys Forum. I believe advertisers pays Google per click.