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    Why doesn't Fry's one of the biggest computer and electronics retailer not have a overnight stocking crew? I noticed they are out of stock on alot of stuff I think it has to do with the fact they don't have a night stocking crew, which also leads me to belive they have a week inventory and ordering system. Someone should try to bring it to the attention of the frys corporate office.
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    someone should but that would mean that they would be spending alot more money and i dont think they want to spend money on better customer servicei love it when they call me big papa
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2007
    Since Fry's is privately owned, they try to cut costs where they can.  
    It has its positives, if they get an over night stocking crew,  
    -Associates will be more available to help out customers during the day since they wont have to worry about finishing stock before the end of the night.  
    -Inventory can be done in the early hours instead of having 100 Inventory people there getting in the way while customers TRY to shop.  
    -They can hire less Accessory Sales.  
    But then again, the negative is, it costs money and Fry's doesn't want that.
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    Because Randy is a greedy J**!!!!!!