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    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2007 edited
    I have something to hide and I have a reason to hide it. lol. So I think this has to be the best file shredder. It's also free and open source (no registration or serial keys, and always upgradeable)  
    Here are some of the features:  
          Nice visual interface  
          Right click file shred and delete option  
          5 wipe algorithms: From 1-pass to 35-pass shredding  
          Shred free space: Wipe out everything previously deleted from regular deletion, whether it was yesterday or months ago.  
 or download nowi am a worm.
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    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2007 edited
    I'm not sure if I could use this product since I don't believe in piracy.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2007 edited
    On Unix style operating systems like Linux, Unix, BSD or Mac OSX, you can shred files with the shred command. By default it overwrites the file 25 times.  
    Usage: shred [OPTIONS] FILE [...]  
    Overwrite the specified FILE(s) repeatedly, in order to make it harder  
    for even very expensive hardware probing to recover the data.  
    Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.  
    -f, --force change permissions to allow writing if necessary  
    -n, --iterations=N Overwrite N times instead of the default (25)  
    -s, --size=N shred this many bytes (suffixes like K, M, G accepted)  
    -u, --remove truncate and remove file after overwriting  
    -v, --verbose show progress  
    -x, --exact do not round file sizes up to the next full block;  
    this is the default for non-regular files  
    -z, --zero add a final overwrite with zeros to hide shredding  
    --help display this help and exit  
    --version output version information and exit  
    If FILE is -, shred standard output.  
    Delete FILE(s) if --remove (-u) is specified. The default is not to remove  
    the files because it is common to operate on device files like /dev/hda,  
    and those files usually should not be removed. When operating on regular  
    files, most people use the --remove option.
    Now here is how I would scrub out the free space.  
    The commands below creates huge file with random data up to the limit of free space. Shreds file with 7 passes with delete when done option.
    dd if=/dev/urandom of=randomjunk.txt  
    shred -v -n 7 -u randomjunk.txt
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    I don't understand what a free file shredder has to do with piracy.
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2007
    We'll some people I know actually get DMCA letters from their ISP to delete files off their computers and risk a lawsuit. Plus some of us download not only movies and mp3s but software.