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    Fry's Electronics  
    3065 Wbb Rd  
    Alpharetta, Georgia,  
    I purchased Norton 360 on 12/13 FOR 59.99+TAX. I was also keeping an eye on the prices from other retails. OfficeMax was selling the same product for 39.99 ( within 30 days). I went to customer service of Fry's for priceMatch and they did adjusted the price to 39.99. BestBuy started selling the same product for 29.99 (within 30 days). I went to customer service today (12/28) and they refused to do the price match.  
    (you can check the bestBuy 12/23 weekly ad and it shows the NORTON 360 price as 29.99).  
    Here is my other experience with the Fry's local store customer relationship.  
    I also received very BAD treatment several times in the store. The day before thanksGiving, I called local Fry's to ask about their PriceMach Policy. The question that was asked was' if i buy something today and if that iteam goes on sale on blackfriday, will you priceMatch?'. The answer was'Absolutely, we match within 30daya, just come back to customer service with the receipt and they will be able to help you'. That's a good response.  
    I called again after finalizing what to buy and this time it was a different representative who answered the phone and i posed same question. The answer is same' absolutely, we will match within 30days, please bring the receipt'. Went ahead and purchased several items in the evening ( almost took 3 to 4 hours). The cahier also surprised and asked' looks like lot of purchases, are you making the christmas gifts now?', well, my answer was' I'm trying to avoid the friday lines, trafiic'. Paid all the items and went back on friday (blackfriday ), the day after thanksgiving and explained the situation. The CSR informed that it is just better to return everything and then he will put back in the cart and can be re-purchased.  
    Later on the Manager came back and refused to do it. I explanined the situation one more time saying that your fellow CSR agreed to do it multiple times ( initially CSR said, he will adjust it and later decided to return and re-ring) and also several times the store CSRs confirmed over the phone about the priceMatch. He also refused to adjust the price or re-buy with the prices for that day. He refused to give his visiting card or give anything in writing why he will not do the price-adjustment.  
    In the end, it was not a pleasant conversation. We took all the items back and not in a mood to shop in that store. travelled to another fry's and tried to find the items again and got few only, as the store was closing and also had no more energy to look for all the items again. This bad treatment( and also failure to deliver what was committed to customers ) gave me the option to avoid shopping at Fry's.  
    Several times when i went for shopping or for customer service, i treid to avoid the Manager there, the reason was - i noticed that when he was there in the duty, I was not treated as another fellow customer, especially delays in getting the reps and also rejecting my price-matches or delaying the other services ( one time i went for a price-match and they refused to do it saying that the item is not in-stock. Initally the rep was able to do it and later someone pulled him into the room and had some chat and after that the rep came back and said, sorry sir we cannot do it.  
    I went to another store and they helped with the adjustemnt). It happened multiple times, so i am sure that this is because of the floor Manager here. Today also the manager did not explain why he cannot pricematch, except one word' once'. He also was saying something when he saw the CSR was helping me.  
    price Match with BestBuy and pay the stated 110% difference and respect the customers and show no discrimination.  
    alpharetta, Georgia  
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    So basically you saw the blackfriday ad before it was released and tried to scam the store out of some money.
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    Don't you decide to stop shopping at Fry's with every post you make? I'm sure the manager would be happy if you would actually follow up on that, since he wouldn't have to deal with your constant ripoff schemes. Trying to buy something before black friday in attempt to avoid the lines is pretty stupid, but getting all butthurt because they wouldn't let you play your scam is something that clearly defines a shithead.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2008
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    I couldn't agree more.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2008
    ... Wow.Superhero!