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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2012
    Hi guys im new, so hoping you guys can answer my question as i cant find it in the search function or online. So the part where the cable connects to my laptops ac adapter is broken.. I bought a 5year warranty on it 4 years ago. Brought it in and the girl said its physical damage and that it "looks" like i yanked it out. This is a 4 year old laptop being used by a college student who travels back and forth from campus to home. all i wanted was to just replace the ac adapter so i can finish up the semester, not the entire laptop. anyways, she said i need to get one myself, okay.  
    So here's the real question if i use a universal one would that void my warranty? because all i see online is "compatible" & "replacement". i dont want a case of powersurge and then frys wont cover it cause they didnt want to get me one in the first place. Any imput would be awesome. Thanks in advance :D
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    I doubt using a universal will void your warranty. Just make sure to not use any chargers that have lower voltage than your original adapter. You can also go to a local computer repair shop and they'll order you a replacement one for dirt cheap.
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    Jace purchasing another ac adapter universal or original doesn't matter Psc will continue its coverage and will not void anything. The nice thing here is if u do buy an original hp and it dies lets say within next 6 months the goons at the service department will never know as long as its not broken. Now buy a universal one n it dies in 6 months ur out of luck as the semi intelligence service techs will be able to find out they didn't replace it
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    About the only thing PSC *does* cover is power surge, so I wouldn't worry about it. As long as the voltage and plug type are correct, the laptop will not be affected by using replacement generic adapters.  
    Also PSC is worthless. When I sold computers at Fry's one of my co-workers joked that when he interviewed for a better job, he was going to say "I'm such a good salesman that I can make people pay $100 for a piece of paper" and that pretty much sums up PSC. If you want insurance for your laptop, buy Squaretrade but laptops are getting so cheap now I wouldn't worry too much about it.