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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2008 edited
    Microsoft's latest Office 2003 service pack, SP3, blocks out older document formats WITHOUT warning!  
    You can say goodbye to these documents.  
    Warning: "By default, these file formats are blocked because they are less secure. They may pose a risk to you."  
    Blocked file format:
        * Word 11 saved by Word 12  
    * Word 2004 for Macintosh  
    * Word 11 for Windows  
    * Word 10 for Windows  
    * Word 9 for Windows  
    * Word X for Macintosh  
    * Word 2001 for Macintosh  
    * Word 98 for Macintosh  
    * Word 97 for Windows  
    * Word 95 Beta  
    * Word 95 RTM  
    * Word 6.0 for Macintosh  
    * Word 6.0 for Windows  
    * Word 2.x for Windows Taiwan  
    * Word 2.x for Windows Korea  
    * Word 2.x for Windows Japan  
    * Word 2.x for Windows BiDi  
    * Word 2.x for Windows  
    * Word 1.2 for Windows Taiwan  
    * Word 5.x for Macintosh  
    * Word 1.2 for Windows Korea  
    * Word 1.2 for Windows Japan  
    * Word 4.x for Macintosh  
    * Word 1.x for Windows  
    * All older formats
    Luckily, will open these files without security risks and convert them to other formats.  
    More information about Office SP3 from this blog:  
    I just can't wait for Windows XP Service Pack 3. You kinda just wonder what they will do to destroy that one. Warning: "By default, you can only run three(3) applications concurrently since running multiple applications can be disorientating. They may pose a security risk to you."  
    All you have to do is mention security and everyone just gives up. WTF!
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2008
    I use open office anyways so I guess Im in the clear.Superhero!