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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2012
    We bought a new computer on sale on Sunday. My husband bought the extended warranty. Today it would not start up giving boot manager would not start errors. I packed everything up in the original boxes and went to Frys. The service department confirmed the error and the inability the errors on the disk. So I took the computer and receipt with warranty to the customer service dept. They did not have the same computer model in stock... and it was a discontinued item so it was no longer available in the area. They offered to return my $$$ so I could go buy a new computer, but I would not accept that because I had paid for an extended warranty which means they should replace the product with something comparable. After some time the customer service rep took me back to the computer department to check with an associate on what was available. They ended up offering a slower computer, which I did not accept. They escalated to a manager outside of my presence, and came back with an offer to have the same model shipped from another store. It would take several days with no promise of an exact delivery day.  
    At this point I asked to speak to the manager. The assistant store manager came and said because I within 30 days of purchase all he has to do is refund my money. That the extended warranty was not in effect. I then asked for the store manager, who reiterated all that was already said. I then chose to have the same model shipped from another store... but I asked for a loaner. The store manager turned about 50 shades of crimson, but took me to the service department.  
    I feel like Fry's did not honor it's warranty and I need to know who I can send my complaint to about the store manager's decision. I don't know if Fry's corporate really cares about it customers, but I feel the need to escalate this and get the info into the hands of the manager's superior.  
    Thanks for any help.
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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2012
    Believe ME! They actually went way out of their way to help you. I was waiting to read that you could not get a Total Refund for some odd reason. If you felt you were not treated right, so be it. But I can't wait to see a future post from you in say a Year from now should you try to get ANY assistance with a Warranty claim.  
    ( As in having to have a Credit Card for a Loaner, waiting 3 months to get your computer back from service, only to find the same if not a new problem, the list goes on and on.) :face-crying:
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    Uh... they offered you a 100% return, not sure what else you expected. Anyone you file a complaint with will see a 100% return as a resolution to the problem FYI.
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    Are you stupid? You were offered a refund! I hate clue less customers like you, what did you expect to get? You could use that refund money and buy whatever computer you want! How do you not see this?
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    "I had paid for an extended warranty "

    Well there's your problem.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2012
    The product I bought was at sale price. A comparable product would cost more. But thanks for the name calling and childish responses.
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    Bonnie these guys are kids and have no obvious previous management experience there are two things that could have been done they could have offered u a substitution and not cost u anything extra as they have the ability to discount things if item is being returned. The store manager should have offered at least a Save customer discount but obviously he has the same management style as all store managers cocky and think that they are entitled and don't have to do anything for u. Second option was to check in item for service and give u a loaner till ur new one came in they could do this but my guess is service manager was too lazy and didn't want to follow up with ur new one arriving and actually communicating with computer manger is just too much work for them I used to work there as a supervisor and have seen a lot of from this disgrace of a retailer. My regards to you Bonnie is return laptop and warranty buy it somewhere else if nothing above helps.

    Good luck
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    @ Guest 61039,

    You say I and the other 'guest' are kids however your syntax and overall grammar of English is plain out horrible! It is subpar on a 8 year old child's level! If you have been in management I would love to know where! It is quite obvious if you have, it would of been at Fry's. Where else do they promote dumb asses?
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    Should have taken the full refund and gone to Best Buy or online at You will be waiting about a month for that transfer from that other store. Frys is just gonna screw you in the end.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    Bonnie: The product I bought was at sale price. A comparable product would cost more. But thanks for the name calling and childish responses.
    Actually Bonnie if you read the terms of the extended warranty, you would have realized that while it's still under manufacturer's warranty they will not replace it. The best they will do is ship it to the manufacturer for repair. You will not qualify for a replacement till it's A: Out of the initial warranty, B: the repair costs more then replacement (protip, a hard drive crash won't), or C: it's had the same repair 3 times (reworks from within 30 days of any repair do not count).  
    You are the kind of customer that makes me glad that I have been out of retail for 4 years now.
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    You should have taken the full refund and gone elsewhere. I'm surprised they were that nice to you. Do yourself a favor and have no more dealings with Frys and you'll fare better down the road.
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    Based on what you wrote it appears that they were actually trying to do the best possible thing to help you. The fact that it was bought at a sale price means nothing since there are very similar deals all the time. Plus there's usually some clearance or other way of getting you something comparable for the same price. I'm guessing that you and the manager had a difference of opinion on what is comparable. Maybe you didn't like the brand he suggested as a replacement. Maybe he really was a dick about it. But as far as we can tell (by reading your original comment) the manager did nothing wrong.
      CommentAuthorGuest 8938
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2012
    Hi Bonnie,

    Even though the management did not violate the terms and condition of the performance service contract, I recommend writing a "Dear Randy" letter with your opinion about the situation and contract. They have these at almost all the counters and podiums at Fry's. Maybe your one letter alone may not change their policies, but if many people are having the same issue it could be in the future.

    Wow Guest 61039, I am slightly impressed and disappointed. I am impressed by your understanding of Save Customer (SC) discounted quotes. A lot of people including management are not always familiar with this discount because it involves using a Gift Certificate with an item of the same category and class codes. However, Save Customer is not a discount reason that is used as a first resort and it is [or should be] rarely used for Performance Service Contract (PSC) issues. We must consider that many decisions regarding the PSC is a contract decision, not a management decision. In my opinion, the decisions described in Bonnie's story suggest management decisions beyond the contract - which did not violate the contract - in an effort to help/satisfy the customer.
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    On that note, 8938, in what circumstance would an SC discount be used? I've rarely if ever seen it utilized.
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    "but I asked for a loaner."

    Computers are not like cars. Using someone else's machine as a loaner can have serious security compromising effects.

    I would have taken the refund and forfeited the original discount, but that's just me. Plenty of deals online and tax-free.
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    Bonnie is clearly a dumb bitch.
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    Yeah. Stfu Bonnie, classless whore. I know an old man who went into fry's with $1000 to buy a computer and a printer. They sold him an outdated shit $100 laptop and a $700 printer. With no warranty! You the customer and the retailer are both trash.
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    I know this forum si for people who generally hate Fry's Electronics or just want to voice their frustrations but...

    These responses deeply sadden me, I work in an environment where I have to assume anyone asking for my help is a moron but seriously...

    I'm not even this heartless, the full refund was the best thing at that point the Store Manager could give you, if that wasn't good enough I do no know what you were expecting, but you have to understand all the elements in effect here. He could offer to give you a loaner and have service bash on it with their hammers until it works, or get a replacement unit in, all of which would have the same possibility of failure as your current unit of wipre the slate clean with a refund to let YOU, the customer choose what they want to replace the failed product. If he was more like me he would have sent you to service or if you did not have the contract told you to contact the manufacturer which in this case without the PSC is your only option, and good luck with that...

    There is only so much that can be done in such circumstances and any decision that gives you more control is good, the total refund gives you all of it and that is the best damn option there is.
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    Wow... The sense of entitlement is mind-boggling.