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    I got this Fry's 3-year One-Time Replacement warranty for CPU + Motherboard when I built this computer back in 2011 for about $70.  
    The current MB and CPU is P67A-G43 Motherboard w/ 2500k Sandy Bridge CPU  
    My first question is, does anyone have any experience with Fry's replacement deal?  
    I was under the impression that I can just take the motherboard and CPU out of my computer and take it to frys to get it replaced by something newer, would I be able to choose which CPU/Motherboard?  
    My second question is, do you guys think I should be upgrading it now or maybe wait about another year and if so, what should I be looking forward to?  
    I bought this on May 20th, 2011 so I have a little over a year to cash in on this "one-time replacement" deal.
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    I worked in service and if you read the fine print these are the rules:  
    The replacement warranty only kicks in when your hardware is bad, its not some kind of free future upgrade deal. If your hardware is bad and verified to be bad then that item will be replaced with something comparable. On older motherboards you will basically get a bottom of the barrel motherboard that has similar specs. Fry's chooses this replacement, you have no say.  
    If physical damage is found at all then the warranty is null and void so don't break it on purpose expecting them to replace it.  
    Honestly, is it really worth taking apart your working system to get something similar? Having to possibly re-install windows and reconfigure everything for something that might not even better?  
    A PSC on a CPU and motherboard doesn't really make a lot of sense. CPU's rarely if ever go bad and yes motherboards can go bad but those are usually not too expensive and you can always use the motherboard manufactures warranty to get that fixed/replaced
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I knew it was too good to be true. When I went in to buy all my parts, I gave this employee a list of all the parts I chose online and he went and grabbed them for me.
    I later found out he was also Persian and we started talking and he suggested I get this plan because he does it with his computer as well.
    Seeing how we connected a little, I trusted him even though I thought it might be too good to be true.

    The really bad part of the story is, I had saved up around 2000 in cash and brought that with me. All the parts together should have been like.. 1800, tax inc.
    I think some of the parts were overpriced or something, because even with this extra 70, I should have had ~100 left.
    What ended up happening was that I went over about $80 and I had no cash and most of my credit cards were maxed.

    So... I pulled out credit card by credit card.. ok please try 20$ on this one... ok how about 15$... some were declined for even $5... it was so embarrassing... xD

    I even asked the guy in our Farsi language, are you sure that I can chose another CPU and MB? Like top of the line?
    That dirty douche assured me so and that he did it with his computer every 3 years... hahah oh well!

    Again, thank you for the fast response and good info!
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    Oh woops, sorry about that, thought I was logged in already.  
    But I also wanted to include, you are right about the plans on CPU/MBs.  
    I was just thinking how great it would be to have top of the line for 3 years and then be able to get top of the line again for no charge.  
    It was way too good to be true.. but I just trusted that guy too much, hahah!
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    The first mistake is trusting anyone that speaks farsi. at my store all the afgans and middle easterners lie so hard. it's not even funny. "warranty? covers all damage!" lying scum.