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    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2008
    I wonder how many complaints they recieve the employees should file thier own for the riduclous hours and things they make us do.  
    Check out this link:  
's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2008
    All i see is 39 complaints regarding all kinds of issues
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2008
    Thats really not bad for such a big company.Superhero!
      CommentAuthorLiana Mei
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2008
    Know what that means "Ayahu"? It means that for every complaint there's 100 people who shouted at the employees and swore never to shop there again, who did not think of going to the BBB because they didn't realize Fry's was a member. I was surprised when I saw the framed "Proud Member of BBB" sign in my manager's office...and I only saw it because I was in the office...Customers aren't able to see it. Wonder why that is!
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2008
    Oh, please. If you don't put it where customers can see it, what's the point of having it at all? I'm sure it's displayed more prominently than that elsewhere. Think about it.
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    For $30.00/month you can be accredited with the BBB too. They even offer discounts to crack dealers and prostitutes. Use discount code "bbb4me" and get your first negative rating removed for free.
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    The BBB is a joke. All you have to do to get an A+ is pay the membership fee and respond (not handle, respond) to complaints.  
    Straight from the horse's mouth:
    1.) We are not a government agency.  
    2.) Complaints are handled by the Better Business Bureau office in the area where the company is based.  
    3.) The BBB is not a consumer watchdog.
    4.) The BBB doesn’t process employee/employer complaints.  
    5.) The Better Business Bureau will celebrate our 100th birthday in 2012.  
    From the New York Times in 2011 (  
    Our last episode involved a man who wanted a refund for a $39 download from PC Drivers Headquarters, a software seller in Austin, Tex. More than 312 people had filed complaints about this company with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years, but the putative watchdog group still blessed it with an A-plus rating.  
    PC Drivers Headquarters had apparently resolved each and every one of those complaints.  
    But, as you may recall, the deeper the Haggler dug, the lamer the PC Drivers Headquarters’ complaint-fielding record seemed. And now it seems lamer still. The protocol of the Better Business Bureau is to offer mediation services to those customers whose disputes can’t be resolved through talk, e-mail and reason. What the Haggler did not know as of deadline two weeks ago was that the Austin area’s Better Business Bureau charges consumers $70 a mediation.  
    That’s right. To get back your $39, you need to spend $70.
    An A+ BBB rating is worth about as much as a Ph.D from a diploma mill. Anyone can get it as long you send in a check.  
    Also, on another unrelated note, Ripoff Report will help companies "clean up" their Google results if they pay to join the Corporate Advocacy Program ( Any ratings company that accepts or survives on money from the businesses they rate is suspect.