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    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2013
    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's noticed this but there seems to be many positive changes at fry's recently:  
    No more charging customers a diagnostic fee when something is discovered to not be a hardware/warranty issue on computers.  
    Offering more finance options (ie: GE financing)  
    Better permanent deals (i5 lenovo notebook at $499 everyday, Lg 24" consistently at $159)  
    Making better buying decisions (Not stocking dells with 3-7% margin, while perpetually ordering green tier, 0% financible Asus)  
    Changing discounts over 5% to make demos still pay for a reasonable amount.  
    Also the stores have been reasonable stocked lately, (having UPS's in stock, keyboards, etc)  
    These changes have made my job a lot easier, improved customer service and confidence, and have made me make more money which makes Fry's make more money. So if anyone from home office does read these, thank you for improving a few policies. The tweaks in the other areas are also noticable. However, apply your logic to new DD discount policy (demos won't get sold because they don't pay us so you adjusted that) and use that to make a more constructive commission policy for internet price match. I'm sure there is a fair medium between what you would like and what would be reasonable for your sales people. Understand, just like demos weren't getting sold, products across the board are not getting sold and it encourages poor customer service. If this would get adjusted, I would honestly say this would almost be a dream job for me, I really like sales and I like the opportunities that Fry's presents me with. Thanks!
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    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2013
    Fix the price match commissions, on sale commissions, and keep improving on the stock. I also noticed my numbers jumped up the last 4-5 weeks, I work part time... 4 days, and have been averaging $700-800 per week. If commission existed for sale items and price match, I'd easily be over 900 for those weeks.
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    Some days I only write 5 or so quotes that aren't for price matches, with 15-20 being price match quotes. I'm a software sales M/T so I get $7.25 hourly plus commission, but my checks for 38+ hours a week hover around $320 because nothing in my department pays, and when it does, people price match it because there are those damn signs on all the shelves. As far as I can tell the other departmental commissions are ridiculous so it sometimes bothers me to hear about people complaining about price-matching when it's basically all I do. I think there needs to be some kind of commission on price matches because it's a great policy for customers, but it can really demoralize the sales staff. As a software employee I can say that I have very little incentive to help customers, I still do it because it's part of my job, but it's like I get rewarded for good customer service with high commissions. Hell, there are cashiers that make more than most of the sales staff in my department.
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    This is good. Especially since I don't work there anymore. I only like Fry's when I'm a customer. Hated it as an employee.
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    Fry's Electronics policies are like antiviruses, you install two or three and the whole system starts locking up.
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    "new DD discount policy"

    What there is a new policy on distressed merch?
    When I worked as an Av sup I used to give and get ridiculous deals just by using DD sd stickers approved by the store manager (he loved me and never questioned any markdown I did). I mean deals , like $400 for a 5d mk II kit, $89 for a Yamaha 800 series receiver, a $2000 sub for $129, and many more. It helped the morale in my department so much when the first cutting measures first rolled out. Literally 6x 15-year associates left the company during that time, and they were very talented people.

    "Software M/T so I get $7.25 hourly plus commission"

    Wow I made $15 an hour before the change to hourly plus as a software MT, my SUP made a lot more than that.