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    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2013 edited
    Various Comments on Shopping Experiences at Fry's on YELP...  
    I dislike going into Fry's for one reason, COMMISSION - I hate when I go in and they know who I am and will follow me around and take notes on the items in my cart without helping me in the slightest way but then give a sales sheet to the cashier so that they get a commission on my couple thousand dollar order even though they did nothing for me.  
    Once in a while when I catch it I will ask the cashier to give me the sales slip and I will tear it up and bring it to the attention of the management but it happens at this particular Fry's more often than other Fry's.  
    Being a Director of Technology of multimillion dollar company I buy a lot of things and would rather go to Best Buy where they are not on commission so that I do not feel the feeling of Fry's  
    ( A little bird told me... The Dark Secrets of Fry's. )  
    Here's just some of many things wrong with this company:  
    1. Most sales people work strictly on commission ONLY (yes, they really have to work for it... it's not "bonus commission" like some may be thinking) - that is why most sales people will be super pushy... chase after you... constantly lie and BS... (Most Fry's sales people are as worse as politicians and the last people you really want to trust - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!) even kill... Ok, maybe not the last one... but sales people do get really aggressive with each other like a bunch of dogs chasing after one meat... unless the customer is just looking to buy an ITEM ON SALE; that's when they'll turn the other way.  
    Why? Because sales people usually get ZERO commission on SALE ITEMS - that's the reason most sales people aren't very helpful or will ignore you if you ask about one... or even lie that they don't even carry it when they do. You see the big sign out there that says they'll price match internet websites? Well, while the company may make a buck or two and that will also attract customers to come into the store, it's bad news for the sales people because price matching also takes away their commission - that is why most will be unwilling to do it for you.  
    2. You see all those huge rows of cash registers, yet... only a few cashiers and you often see a long line and bunch of red lights flashing (red lights means the cashier is having a problem and need assistance). Why? Because Fry's is too cheap to hire actual cashiers and have a proper system/workflow. Often times, if you want to use a debit card or pay with a card that's less than their minimum or whatever, then you have to wait for the higher up manager to "password" to proceed with the transaction; most often they aren't around or busy dealing with something else; it's extra time wasted for the customers and it creates long delays in the line. Have you also seen the computers that they use? Are we still in the 80's? It's an electronics store, yet they're extremely out-of-date because again... Fry's, as a company, is too cheap to spend money on upgrading their equipments. They don't care... put that money on a new yacht instead.  
    What they do is use employees who usually just put products back on the shelf, called "Merchandisers", in every department to work double duty as an cashier too -- that means they're really not properly trained to be a cashier. Therefore, you'll see a lot of cashiers screw up or even get lost to a do a simple transaction.  
    I feel bad for the actual customer service/cashiers because they, too, are taken advantage of -- they actually have to clean the bathrooms! Fry's is too cheap to even hire janitors.  
    3. That takes me to point #3: NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER OR PRIOR KNOWLEDGE TO BEGIN WITH. There's a reason why there's a high turnover rate here and you see them always "hiring". They don't care about the employees (as if point #1 and #2 wasn't clear enough). They come and go like flies. What they do is pay those poor people minimum wage, and once they feel like they want to get rid of them, they force employees to go into sales -- work strictly on commission. If they don't make commission, then they're basically forced to quit.  
    If you think just because you see a computer or TV sales person, then they would be an expert on them, right? Well, you're wrong. Not at Fry's. It's the exact opposite; the reason you commonly see complaints about sales people not knowing anything, even the most basic things about a TV/computer, is because they absolutely have NO IDEA... they're a regular Joe just like the customer.  
    If you ever encounter a good sales person, it's not because he had great training - it's either they're a fantastic liar, and know how to BS on-the-fly, or that person really must be a geek/love/did research on their own about the product. However, it's usually the former.  
    4. They sell returned/used merchandise as open boxes. It's not worth the headache to save a few dollars on them. It's shocking to see the stuff they put back on the shelf. Lots of damage/scratches or not even the same item! There was a returned camera that still had photos in the built-in memory from the previous owners.  
    Don't bother with the amazing sale items they put on the ad. They honestly only have one in stock or none at all - it's just a way for them to get customers coming into the store.  
    Most employees here will tell you that they hate their job.  
    * Do your own research. Sales people are NOT trained or have prior knowledge about their department/items. Most are simply average Joes like you. 1/10 you'll get a real knowledgeable person.  
    * Sales people's worst enemies are customers holding the ad and just wanting sale items.  
    * Sales people love customers who buy their Service Contract. (Don't get it)  
    * Don't support Fry's.  
    I really hope this company gets what they deserve: going out of business.  

    Yelp Fry\'s.JPG
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2013
    That part about sales people being clueless is SO TRUE in my department. We have merchandisers who got forced into sales who BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH mind you... on top of that, how are they fucking supposed to make sales?? LOL  
    I actually sympathized this dude who got pushed into sales, gave him half of my P$C sale, and of course he didn't work for it. Just because he was a cool guy, wanted to help him get out of the draw/make the day.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2013 edited
    Here are a few recent ones for the Houston NW and SW Fry's stores  
    What a junk hole. Came here to buy a tv nope and a Stereo. No greeting no can I help u nothing. Stereo side trash everywhere tripped over a ladder in the displays. Crappy experience!  
    I've been waiting for a customer service rep for so long now, I actually just made a Yelp account to say this. Worst phone/customer service and product knowledge i've ever experienced. Get put on hold because they dont know, get hung up on, and repeat.  
    Frys has gone so far downhill, they'll likely go under before long. They have taken to advertising merchandise they do not have in stock, the old bait and switch. I'll never go back.  
    Ugh, called about something they said they had it. Came in and they don't even stock it!  
    It's large, in a not so good location, I'd rather buy off of amazon.  
    One nagging problem, the price of everything is not very competitive. If you have the extra money or you are looking for something specific this store is perfect. If not, go elsewhere.  
    And finally....  
    Stop me if you've heard this one before. A guy walks into an electronics megacenter, prepared to spend 800 bucks on a few things he needs. He asks 5 different employees questions. All 5 employees believe that "I don't know" is the correct answer.  
    The punchline: Guy leaves store with 800 dollars still in his pocket.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2013
    " I don't Know,... Let's Find Out ! " use to be a standard set down from Corporate years ago for sales people to follow when customers asked a question that they were not sure of. It was to be followed, so as not to Bull s**t or give a customer incorrect information.  
    Today it may as well be, directed to the customer with the Fry's ad in hand asking if there are any more $248 Laptops in stock... " I don't Know,.............Go ask that Guy standing at the Podium! " as the sales person is seen running off into an adjacent department.
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    Frys is a miserable excuse of a business and Randy Fry should burn in hell! Don't shop at Frys, and don't work at Frys and the world will be a better place.
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    Wow as a former av sup who went through the initial "cost cutting" measures which lead to everything you nailed completely in your rant, I cant tell you how accurate your statement is. Associates used to be knowledgeable (at least a good amount in my store) and were paid well at a time. I heard from some tenured associates that I worked with in a former incredible universe location in Cali (sorry i want to be anonymous) multiple associates informed me when times were good they made ~$100k a year making hourly plus commission, there was a time when associates actually made more than associates which is crazy. The cost cutting really hit when the ship initially started it's plunge Sup commissions were also penalized after associates hourly rate before commission. I knew Sups making $30 an hour when times began going bad then it went downhill (don't know what it's like now), as a sup I made minimum wage just like my fellow sales associates at one point and that was the final straw. But long story short that seemed to be the tipping point when Fry's became a sinking ship. Oh the other flag at my store, four 15 year vets quit including one who personally did car and home theater installs for the Fry's brothers and Kathy.

    Fry's does not innovate, the only true innovation I saw before I left was the use of wireless plu printers and the elimination of plu'ing except in software dept they still did that when I left.
    So many customers used to complain (like yourself) that Fry's was still using command prompt for the quote system, not to mention all the wasted toner and paper for quotes.
    All those cash registers you talked about, yea they are only all being used for black friday and maybe one other time a year.
    When I worked there Fry's had janitors at night to clean the bathrooms, etc. but during the day it was handled by cashiers
    The only true training that Fry's offered was something called v-con (a video conference with Fry's corporate buyers and vendors), Ill have to admit they were great for product knowledge but thats all they offered, everything else was handled by third parties. The associate got nothing out of it other than potential to increase sales.
    Fry's had polices on issuing rainchecks on out of stock items, some items would take longer to get in than the raincheck would last, they honor expired rainchecks as long as you have the original raincheck (not positive how reliable it is these days)
    I cant tell you how you hit the nail on the head on associates eyeballing your cart for commision, I supervised a few that did that (company had nos policies against it).
    Trick to get an associate to help you is tell them your gonna buy the PSC on the sale item (they do think they're getting commission), just have it removed off the quote when you get to the cashier.

    One trick I always knew even before working for the company, never go into a Fry's expecting to be taught by an unbiased sales associate about the products, do all your own research. Fry's is about the lowest price, and selection used to be their other competency, dont expect anything above poor customer service.
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2013
    Guest 45841 must have been around in the late 1990's to mid 2000 years. :)
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    @Frenchy Fry

    Nope, 06-11. I knew a lot of tenured workers and I knew buyers and DDM's well not to mention the management at my store who were all 12 years+ they all taught me the trials and tribulations of Fry's.

    I could rant for hours about Fry's
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2013
    I know a couple of store 21 AV people when I worked there (left in 09 and was there a few years) claimed to have made over 100k a year. Same with 1-2 computer sales people.
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    Oh by the way if you ever have a customer issue alway fill out a "we want to hear from you!" card at the checkout counter or at the top or on the receipt is the store managers email. If you go either route the company opens what they call a COR (customer opportunity report) (not coors, that be great right about now though). The store has to resolve the issue whether it be meeting the customer 1/2 way on price or if there is a personnel issue. Thats how Fry's retains their A+ better business rating, even though there are a lot of bait and switch and weights and measures issues.

    What is this I Hear of Fry's requiring a certain debit credit limit on cards, that didn't exist when I was there. I remember when they didn't even take Amex