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    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2013
    Do you think things would change if he or someone high up in the company would go undercover as a merchandiser? to see how bad things are at store levels
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    Is it true Fry's has undercover police that work for Fry's?
    An Interview with Randy Fry. What would you ask?
    Do you think Frys would do MUCH better if they hired management with a business education?
    I wonder if store managers knew what Omar was doing?
    Randy Fry is a douchebag.
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    Yeah right, he'll just say it's peasant's work and go back to his money vault to swim in his cash for a bit.
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    You're assuming that they are unaware of conditions at Frys and care deeply about the people that work for them. They don't! I really think Frys is fully aware of what goes on and is just trying to wring out the last dollar before the whole thing goes down the toilet. Someone should beat upper management senseless with a spool of MonsterĀ© cable.
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    I got a job offer from Fry's recently, the manager and I had a conversation about "bullshitting the customer" hilarious stuff.
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2013
    Guest: "bullshitting the customer"
    Maybe this is why Fry's is losing business - customers are able to see through all of the BS.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2013 edited
    Guest: "bullshitting the customer"
    Maybe this is why Fry's is losing business - customers are able to see through all of the BS.
    Bullshitting the customers by telling them that Norton is the best antivirus out there? Or how Fry's PSC covers "EVERYTHING," including being international?  
    Anyways, not all customers can see through Fry's BS. I do seem to recall you saying a while back on how Fry's likes to attract "bottom feeders."
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    When I worked at Fry's service department I would tell people who inquired about the copies of Norton sitting on our tech bench that 1. If they have Comcast they can get Norton 360 for free and 2. When MSE started to prove its worth I told people to download and install MSE for free.
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    Randy would never be on that show because that would mean "giving back" to his associates...and Randy's last concern is upset and devalued employees.