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    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2013
    I've always been a lurker for several years. I used to be a D1 Components Manager who walked out. Just to give a background, I was there almost 8 years and started at Acc Sales and eventually a Dept Manager for under a year. I found the premises of false promises, poor treatments of assoc by certain people, and several ineptitude of people higher then me that lacked common sense. I quit the fanciest way. Tied my badge to a balloon and let the SM/ASM find it the next morning along with my Sup 1 quitting the same night.  
    Truly I was sick of the ASM backstabbing me every chance he gets, and tired of being told repeatedly that I never put enough "focus" in my work. If pulling 3k+ APOTO's myself and few others and sending that out in REC by myself isn't focus.  
    So if anyone wants to know anything ask? :face-smile:
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    How long do you think this company has left? I had someone from audit tell me they were giving the new changes a year to see their effects. I was there eight years as well and it was touch-and-go a couple Christmases ago when a lot of vendors were not giving us product. I remember the wire aisle not getting stock for almost a year and at one time the only product we were getting was networking. During these times Fry's set up third party companies to secure credit with vendors with which to buy product as we had come to such poor terms with many of these vendors that they would not send us product. Just a few months ago we had zero hard drives on the shelf.

    Also, check out their use it or lose it policy regarding vacation time, it's illegal in California.
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    James is that you?

    Sounds like you have what I called Fry's-idis. Typical symptoms; not giving a flying fuck about mgmt or customers, a permanent scowl on their face, sick of all the BS w/ home office, lack of deferred compensation got you down?

    Good people, terrible store managers/home office mgmt (why are there so many old managers and not young?)

    I told my store manager I quit the day of, no VQ. It was the greatest feeling in my life telling my manager to essentially shove it. Also went on a discount rampage, how bout' $89 for a brand new 800 series yamaha that retailed for $900 or a 5d mk II kit for $400 instead of $3500 loved those DD sticker discounts
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2013
    TheFawks... do you think they will eventually make D1 sales a commission only position? I hear the company is trying to get rid of hourly pay all together... that way they don't have to pay us to be there and force us to do work that doesn't pay us (TSR, put up freight, do schematics, help with backstock... anything but selling really).
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    "Ask an Ex-Components Manger anything"


    How do you get a job you cannot even spell?

    Ooops....sorry. My bad. We're talking about Frys.

    Please continue.....
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    Looks like a typo to me. Go be a non-contributing zero somewhere else.
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    I hate to be blunt about it but Department Managers confuse themselves as a part of "upper management". No offense, but I don't feel like a Components Manager is really entangled or involved in Fry's business besides being another grunt worker with a "Manager" title on their badge.
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    I applaud you on your walk out. You must have been a really motivating manager if your Supervisor joined you. I hope that you had a backup plan or another job waiting for you before making such a decision.
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    store 9? if thats you, f*ck you, fat@ss piece of shit didn't do anything anyways.
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    Thefawks your comment would carry more weight if you weren't always at frys after you quit. You show up at least for times a week. The sup 1 that quit at the same time hasn't shown up once.