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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2013 edited
    I had a coworker who got fired earlier this year, something about stalking all of the female merchandisers in his department. Recently, he visited Fry's while I was working and was bragging about getting interviewed at the local Best Buy and how much better it will be than Fry's.  
    I didn't say anything at first, but I was a bit confused though. This particular guy, before getting fired, was a pretty good salesman, allegedly making good sales consistently every week. Very knowledgeable, knew his stuff when it came to gaming, although a big shit-talker whenever there weren't customers around. From what I understand about Best Buy though, they pay their associates a flat hourly rate, minimum wage or somewhere just as low, even for sales positions. Sales-wise, it doesn't look like they're doing any better than Fry's either. Yelp reviews between the two companies, at least between the stores local to me, are pretty much the same. What I don't know though is how well Best Buy treats their associates. Or is Best Buy starting to pay/treat their associates more fairly compared to Fry's?
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2013
    He'll make much less at Best Buy. People who are good salesmen, have product knowledge, and have a "sharky" personality will make a lot in a commission sales position. I am pretty similar to the person you mentioned. I know my shit, I talk shit and show off in front of coworkers, and I check the ladies out in my department ;) But I'm also not dumb enough to get caught "stalking" and get fired LMAO!  
    AFAIK Best Buy treats their employees better than Fry's. They get better discounts, but a smaller paycheck in return.
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    Best Buy is hourly, much easier, and you're treated better.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2013
    For anyone who has worked at Best Buy, what is the average hourly rate for a sales associate? And how is it as a tech for Geek Squad?
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    I wont go into detail but I was a A/V Sup when the ship began sinking at Fry's in 09/10 and jumped ship to BBY.

    Much happier, all the idiocracy at Fry's is non existent. Yes pay is lower (there is attainable bonuses) but there is a lot more perks (better discount on product and services and way more direct vendor accommodations compared to the two I only knew of as an AV sup) and it seems like everything that people complain about even back when I worked at Fry's doesn't happen at BBY. BBY corporate applies logic to their decisions while it seemed like that was a pipe dream for Home office w/ Fry's. I cant recall the last time I had a terrible day at work (what seemed to be almost every day while I was with Fry's at the end as a SUP when internet price matching began)

    Here is the bombshell compared to Fry's and how they treat their employees, BBY has a committee called e-voice (employee voice) where associates take a survey on work conditions and how they feel treated by the company and their individual store's management team. There is a team that executes on eliminating those nagging issues like in inter-store management/sup politics (which you current and former associates can attest to at Fry's)

    What do you think of that, shows a stark contrast between the two companies.

    Said so much... cant risk job...
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    Im gonna break this shit down for you Anakin. working ANYWHERE OTHER THAN FRY'S would be better ok. At first you may THINK you have a thick enough skin after hearing the horror stories and bullshit about working there and still think you can because its worth the pay but its not.  
    They HAVE the capacity to break you over time, then bend you over and fuck you.
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    Best Buy. When Fry's cant carry products in their store as little as SATA cables for the SSD drives when their slogan is to sell attached items? Yep. Logic gone.
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2013
    Darth Vader: Best Buy. When Fry's cant carry products in their store as little as SATA cables for the SSD drives when their slogan is to sell attached items? Yep. Logic gone.
    First of all, whoa. Paradox.  
    Second, which Fry's store are you referring to? The one I work at is plenty-stocked with SATA cables. The only thing that we were once badly sold out of were hard drives.
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    Fountian Valley. This happened last year.  
    So your saying instead of SATAs being sold out you were sold out of HDDs? So same difference?
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2013
    Darth Vader: Fountian Valley. This happened last year.  
    So your saying instead of SATAs being sold out you were sold out of HDDs? So same difference?
    But yeah, pretty much. It's common knowledge that Fry's sucks at paying their vendors on time. I never really thought being sold out of SATA cables would be such a big deal though. Most customers looking for an HDD/SSD would either already have a SATA cable for it, or would be also buying a motherboard, which would have more than enough SATA cables for them.
      CommentAuthorGuest 560
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2013
    Ex-Fry's exec to serve 6 years for kickback scheme
    By Lisa Fernandez

    POSTED: 12/08/2011 12:37:45 PM PST | UPDATED: ABOUT A YEAR AGO

    There was a time when Omar Siddiqui, who was known as "Mr. S" in Las Vegas, would snap his fingers and casino hosts hustled to shower his room with golden raisins, bottles of Dom Perignon Rose and bowls of Glitterati Mentissimo peppermints.

    On Thursday, a forlorn Siddiqui, 45, shed his striped yellow tie and other personal items as federal marshals in San Jose led him into custody to serve out a six-year prison term.

    His attorney, Paul Meltzer, tried to convince the court that his client should spend only three years behind bars for stealing at least $65 million from Fry's Electronics, Silicon Valley's iconic chain store where Siddiqui had been groomed by the Fry brothers since 1988.

    "He is absolutely broke, he is quite sick with diabetes, he has no car, no job, he's alone in the world, alienated from his family, has no close friends and is suffering from severe depression," Meltzer said. "He is going to prison a broken man."

    Meltzer blamed Siddiqui's gambling addiction as the reason he shook down Fry's vendors for exorbitant commissions and used the kickbacks to pay casino debts.

    But U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel would have none of it.