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    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    I was curious as to what Fry's is doing with Secret Promo Codes. This is what came up from Google...  
    What are secret promo codes? Secret Promo Codes are unique In-store Discount Codes that allow you to save beyond our already Hot Sale Prices! How do you get them? Sign up here and you'll receive discount codes in your email in-box every Monday morning. Present your Secret Promo Code to the store cashier at the time of purchase and save! These discounts may be used one time only and are available to customers that sign up to that receive our Secret Promo Codes directly. If you sign up before 4 PM PST today, we'll send you this weeks codes on Tuesday before 2 PM.  
    I was curious if these " Secret Codes " are one more way to take away a Sales Person's commission...

    Fry\'s Promo Codes.JPG
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    I am pretty sure they do, this friday I rang up some one for a coffee grinder it was on sale for 30 or so normally 50 or 60 and with the promo it brought it down to 20
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2014
    Just treat those secret promo codes as sale items. Let them take it to the cashier and don't waste your time with said customer.
      CommentAuthorGuest 3825
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2014
    These 'secret' codes is just another way of luring the customer into the store. Give the customer a false sense of having a real advantage over other people. Basically, it's a secret to everybody. :/
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    They should put some indication that the item they get "Limited on hand, While supply last" Its a PAIN when you have them Indian costumer raise hell on something that has already sold out. I have one that was like " can you give me the same price of another product since you ran out?". Oh if you want something really bad please CALL ahead and make sure we have it in the store, dont talk to the dumb fucks in call center all they can see is the numbers and they love to say "We have some in stock" specially on the item that's a "W" status.