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    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2014
    So our service department recently received a major overhaul in terms of cleaning and in appearance. New KVMs, anti-static mats, etc. While cleaning out underneath our workstations, my sup gathered a bunch of spare supplies and put them in a box underneath one of our tables. This box has almost everything a tech would need: SATA cables (lots of them), screwdriver bits, VGA-DVI adapters, assortment of screws, molex-SATA adapters, etc. Is it against store policy to take a couple of said supplies home with you?  
    And while I'm at it, I've seen a couple of techs take apart customer-abandoned/replaced-under-PSC computers for spare working parts. These are the types of computers that are meant to be disposed of properly, or "crushed", as everyone here says. Some would keep them for testing purposes, while others would take them home for their own personal use. Would it still be against policy to take working spare parts home with you since they're going to be crushed anyways? Obviously, I wouldn't do anything as ridiculous as taking home a tower, power supply, or motherboard. I'm talking about smaller things like RAM, HDD, or ODD. Since they're going to be crushed, they aren't necessarily company assets anymore. And it's not like you're stealing actual products off of the shelves.
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    It's 100% against company policy to take ANYTHING home with you that you did not pay for. You cannot in any way benefit from your position by getting free accessories from products that do not belong to you. If you do so you will be detained by LP and possibly arrested. It's not worth it for a few SATA cables.

    Some people think that it's stupid but it's pretty clear cut and is a common sense policy. If people were allowed to take accessories home, then they would theoretically be able to intentionally "use" store merchandise for projects as a guise for getting the accessories that they want for free. Cafe people have been fired for taking food home that was expired and supposed to be thrown away. This also makes sense because cafe associates could dissuade people from buying things that are about to expire for the purpose of taking expired stuff home for free.
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    Also, you want to know if you can take customer abandoned hard drives, odd, etc. home? Are you serious? You are either a troll or incredibly stupid. Do you know how many lawsuits that Fry's would be opened up to if you were allowed to do this? Plus the fact that instead of buying a hard drive, which benefits Fry's, you are taking someone else's property which may have their personal information on it which has lawsuit written all over it.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2014
    Have fun getting tackled and manhandled by LP then followed by losing your job and getting arrested for a SATA cable you could pickup for $1 after AP :)
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2014
    Bring your home computer in for repairs, and start stuffing it with additional free parts.
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    What asdf said. The way you take stuff in service (without getting caught), is you just have a friend (who doesn't work at Fry's) bring your computer into service for you to get repaired (typically you'll want to coordinate exactly when they'll bring it so that you can be the person who checks them in). So you charge them for something cheap (OS optimization, cleaning, something small), and then once they're legitimately checked in, you can add whatever stuff from crush you want to add to your system. If anyone asks why you're replacing something that wasn't on the original work order (and trust me, no one ever asks) you can explain that you caught the second issue after you checked it in and the customer approved the repair by phone.

    It's a thousand times less risky that way, especially compared to pocketing parts or bringing your own system in (which always raises red flags). I've never added new fry's stuff to my system though, just stuff from crush that I realized was the same model as other systems I owned (like when my LCD cracked and a customer abandoned the exact same model of laptop like a week later... a quick switcharoo and I had a new LCD).

    Also as a side note, they call it "crush", but fry's actually auctions the stuff off to scrap parts companies. Those companies buy broken electronics by the pallet, and they either resell the parts (if they're functional), or dissolve the parts in nitro-hydrochloric acid in order to recover the precious metals in the electronics (gold and silver primarily). Like for example, that's one of the big reasons why CPU's cost so much; their pins are all gold plated. One 55 gallon drum of CPU's (dissolved in acid) renders one solid bar of 24K gold.