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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2014
    OK, haven't worked there in a while, but wanted to ask what the following meant:  
    Vanna: Directing the line.  
    Mopar: Home office comes, and is the only time we actually clean and nicely stock the shelves and such.  
    TSR: ?? What does that stand for?  
    Skematics: Organizing the items exactly where they belong. The most annoying thing.  
    What else?
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    TSR = Total Store Recovery
    TK = Team Knowledge
    TK on aisle XX = Hot chick on aisle XX
    MIC = Manager in Charge
    FCO = Front Check Out
    POTO = Purchase Order Transfer Out
    IPM = Internet Price Match
    Match Game = Temporary price change (usually a day or two) which matches a competitor's price.
    Customer "Opportunity" = Customer that is angry because of Fry's fuck-up

    There's at least a hundred more.
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    Green tier: items which pay the best commission.  
    Topstock: self explanatory
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    Some service related ones (not 100% sure, its been a few years):  
    SRO = Service Request Order  
    RTV = Return to vendor  
    Red carpet: Area that can be used to demo something to a customer, it also had a computer with internet to research things. Mostly used to store shit we could not fit in service, this was a big no no but who the fuck cares. I think this also had to do with a red carpet form we would fill out if we helped a customer in service or trained them in something and we would bill another department for the time.  
    Damn, I can't remember anything else.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2014 edited
    You probably will hear some of these but wont be completely aware of them... you may not come across all of them unless you have a diverse experience at Fry's:  
    TRS = Test, Repair and Stock  
    RTS = Return to Stock  
    TSR = Total Store Recover (cleaning the area)  
    RTV = Return to Vendor (defective, broken or vendor-status; ship to RTV (division 82) center)  
    MOPAR = Merchandise and Operations Productivity Audit(ing) Report  
    DM = Department Manager  
    DDM = Department District Manager  
    CS = Customer Service  
    AV = Audio Video  
    EC = Electronic Components  
    CS(D)M = Customer Service (Department) Manager [you can apply this to the other managers/positions ie. AVDM is Audio and Video Department Manager]  
    ASM = Assistant Store Manager  
    SM = Store Manager  
    Keyholder = ECDM, Computer DM, Software DM, Service DM, AVDM, AWDM, CSM, ASM and SM.  
    COR = Customer Opportunity Report (basically customer problem)  
    ISR = Internal Service Request  
    99 Report = Sales report that prints daily in in Customer Service or Audit and in the Managers Office  
    HO or Division 99 = Home Office  
    Red Carpet = i) an area in Service which customers can use the internet or ask for extra help, ii) a charge for Offsite deliveries or "free" services performed for the customers by a Service Technician  
    BYB = Beat Yesterday (Sales) Booklet (Management keeps tracks of theirs sales and projections in this booklet)  
    CTC = Check the Checker  
    W-stat(us) item = "While Supplies Last" (WSL) clearance item (wont get more when sold out)  
    R-stat(us) item = "Regular" status item (normal item, can restock if sold out)  
    V-stat(us) item = "Vendor" status item (don't sell, this must be shipped back to the vendor for recall or credit)  
    S-stat(us) item = "Special Order" status item (we don't normally sell it, we have to special order it through an M&O District Supervisor / Buyer)  
    N-stat(us) item = "New" status item (might be a new item going on schematic or they don't have yet)  
    D-stat(us) item = "Discontinued" status item (it is very likely this will not be re-ordered or sold in the store)  
    Street Date = They can't sell/release this item until a certain "Street Date" agreed by the vendor, common in Software dept.  
    PTO = Paid Time Off  
    RTO = Request for Time Off (normally without pay)  
    F8 Report = A report that cashiers printout to audit their transactions at the end of the day; audit will audit their transactions the following day.  
    PH = Positive History (written on top of checks for customers who have history of check transactions)  
    NH = No History or Negative History (written on top of checks for customers who have no history or negative history)  
    MIC or PIC = Manager in Charge or Person in Charge  
    CSSS = Customer Service Sales Supervisor  
    MT = Management Trainee  
    DSC = Department Supervisor in Charge  
    MPS = Merchandise Protection Standards  
    CSA = Customer Service Associate  
    Sup = Supervisor  
    LP = Loss Prevention  
    CA = Courtesy Associate  
    CSV or CSS = Customer Service Sales (basically the returns area/associates)  
    POS = Point of Sale  
    F10 = A shortcut key on the POS (DOS) system people usually refer to in order to check inventory of an item  
    MW = Manufacturer Warranty  
    SST = Store division # 86 which Service department ships units to for repair or to facilitate MW (I forgot what the letters stand for)  
    ISO Helpdesk = People at home office who open and document tickets for internal technical problems (I forgot what the letters stand for)  
    ISD = These people repair or updates the any POS related system (I forgot what the letters stand for)  
    MSDS (might be changing to SDS soon) = Material Safety Data Sheet  
    OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration  
    BBB = Better Business Bureau, customers report issues to this group and store managers will try to resolve the problem as best as possible  
    W&M = Weights and Measure Committee, they check the prices to ensure businesses are reporting correct prices and are not doing bait and switch  
    BOE = Board of Equalization (CA), knowledgeable managers will refer to them when customers ask tax questions on deliveries  
    HAZMAT = Hazardous Material  
    HAZCOMM = Hazardous Communication (Labels showing what kind of hazards material are ie. could cause fire, cancerous labels)  
    DOL = Department of Labor (associates report legal problems to this group)  
    EDD = Employment Development Department (unemployment office)  
    TK = Team Knowledge  
    PC = Product Check  
    ITR = Involuntarily Termination Request  
    VQ = Voluntary Quit  
    NTF = No Trouble Found (RTV Center will ship things back to Fry's internally charging the division an "NTF Fee" for sending an allegedly working merchandise)  
    V-Con = Video Conference  
    MDR = Merchandise Delivery Request  
    RETRO Award Request = A form used to request additional pay or compensation in regards to transactions, commission, award, or issue with pay such as forgetting to clock in or error with pay  
    SRM = Service Request Master, system for Service Technician's to create a work order for customers  
    Remedy = an older version of SRM that is no longer used except for looking up old work orders  
    SRO = Service Request Order, a number used to keep track of services  
    MTO = Manual Transfer Out, normally used to ship an item to the RTV center to crush or recycle  
    PCR = Payroll Change Request, managers email this to other managers to request associate pay change or to change a position (ie. promotion to another position or demotion)  
    DD = Distressed (Damaged) Discount  
    BX (SD) = (Open) Box (Sticker Discount)  
    OB = Out of the Box (discount)  
    SC = Save Customer Discount (done with returns)  
    SU = Store Use (discount, rarely used)  
    CP = Competitive Price discount  
    MM = Mis-mark Discount  
    IP = Internet Price discont  
    IPM = Internet Price Match  
    LPG = Low Price Guarantee  
    AP = Associate Purchase (discount)  
    POTO = Purchase Order Transfer Out  
    BPO = Blank(et) Purchase Order  
    PO = Purchase Order  
    MC = Master Card  
    V = Visa  
    DISC = Discover  
    AMEX = American Express  
    ... I'm sure there's more but I just can't think of them at the moment because it's late... and again... you may not come across all of these anyways unless you have a diverse experience at Fry's. Hope this helps!Fry's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
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    The one that made me lose my shit was "customer opportunity"
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    Don't forget

    FF=Fuck Fry's
    FKK=Fuck Kathy Kolder
    TAASJ=They are all Stupid Jews
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    Guest: Don't forget  
    FF=Fuck Fry's  
    FKK=Fuck Kathy Kolder  
    TAASJ=They are all Stupid Jews
    You forgot to insult Randy Fry as well. Bad.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    FKK=Fuck Kathy Kolder  
    TAASJ=They are all Stupid Jews
    I'm sorry, whats the beef with Kathy Kolder and Jews?