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    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2015 edited
    Guest: Fuck Ruben,  
    He takes Alfonse tiny ISIS wang in V-Con during the day, I hate when he baby sits a.v.  
    He also smells very bad, like swamp ass--use some Gold Bond nigga!
    Guest: Sounds like store # 25.
    Who are you two? I apologize for the way late response. I don't come here much anymore since I was fired.I shit trains, Now what?
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2015
    Guest: Fuck Ruben,  
    He takes Alfonse tiny ISIS wang in V-Con during the day, I hate when he baby sits a.v.  
    He also smells very bad, like swamp ass--use some Gold Bond nigga!
    Guest: Sounds like store # 25.
    Who are you two? I apologize for the way late response. I don't come here much anymore since I was fired.
    Probably doesn't matter anymore since faces don't look familiar back when I shopped back in Sept.  
    AND since both ruben and alfons aren't at store 25, now it's Gaetano and some randomly lady I only got a glimpse of
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2015
    No more Ruben too? Sweet.I shit trains, Now what?
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    ITT: Everyone has moved on better.
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    Im thinkin........

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    Worked for 7.5yrs. Moved on to work for HP for the last two years. Do not miss being a manager. Ever. Only took me 9mo to catch up to my Dept mgr pay 7 yrs. I left a legacy, I quit at the same time as my sup 1 with balloons
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    @ CrazyFox

    Nah, it's like the older ladies who work at Safeway or any local grocer and for 20+ years; still cashiers. They just give up on life.

    Fry's has so many 10+ yrs salesman that just make up shit for a sale.
    Come to them tomorrow; they've never seen you before in their life.

    I've gone into my old local store a few times after I stopped working there over 5 years ago, and so many senior people are still there, that were senior even then.
    I have no idea why, but here they are 10 yrs older doing the same exact shit over 10 years ago, maybe even 15 at this point. Yet happy as a clam.

    Either they have super low ambitions in life, or figured out a way to steal a fuck-ton of money away from this dying company, without anyone noticing.
    Shout out to: Omar Siddiqui
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2015
    Anyone who has moved on has to have gotten a better job than at Fry's. Fry's is the bottom of the totem poll in terms of both corporate and retail environments. It can be expressed mathematically with a simple equation:  
    [FRY'S < Any other place to work], where any other place to work is a real job, and Fry's isn't.
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    I quit from store 11 today since I was being suspended for fighting with you guys guessed it!!! Audio Video. I have never been happier. Applied to Best Buy as soon as I got home and have an interview tomorrow on the dot. I would list everything wrong with store 11. I know I'll be hired tomorrow, so I can't wait to go back in my best buy uniform and fuck with them for old times sake.
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    I was with Fry's for 12 years WHY 12 years only a person in not in their right mind would work for a hell hole like Fry's for that long.... Now I have a great JOB with OWNERS that CARE, something no one can ever say about working at Fry's. The Fry's brother are a bunch of assholes that has every store manager wiping their asses. All Management are suck ups... I was one, I know.
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    @ Guest 55306

    Meh, it's the same retail sh!thole with different stupid rules.

    Unless you are under 25, get out as soon as you can.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2016
    @Guest 55306 fuck Audio Video at store 11. Bunch of self-centered scum who can go fuck themselves. The only exceptions were Jony, Ricky, Walid, Melven, and Carlos from Car Audio. Those guys made it bearable working there.
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    Better life. Those are the only words I can express after leaving that dump. I worked at several locations, and it was *exactly* the same. Sales Over Customer Service, was what I was shown from the beginning of my time there. "Oh, he doesn't know about X product? let's show him the superior Y product, even though it's %500 the cost and won't offer him any benefit."

    Seriously, Fry's can suck a giant dick. I kept honest, so I only made around 35k a year. I've jumped around industries, and finally decided to settle down in programming (ironically former sales) with a decent raise. I can say the work is rougher/weirder than manipulating people, considering that they train that aspect really well. Either way, this is a company that deserves the ruin that is coming, and specifically, fuck Randy Fry for thinking he's a big shot in a losing industry.

    (On a side note, I hope aware employees are hunting right now, since this storm has been coming for years, and there's a reason you have bear shelves. Fry's was thriving, but online, and "sales people" have turned so many people away, it's just not sustainable. If you're a merchandizer, find a new company, if you're sales, find an ethical company, if you're managment.... Well, have fun living a retail life. (( I was managament, Being puppet isn't fun. Get to a real job)), If you're tech, there's so many places hiring that pay better. If you're a cashier, any place will be the same. Lastly, if you work in software.. You've been screwed the hardest. They teach you 0 real skills, pay you like garbage, and expect you to stay for the sake of your 'commission'. Find something better. Find a passion. Do your thing.

    That is the end of my rant, and yes, I will laugh at any Fry's employee who can't see this coming. Expect the layoffs, (like they did 2 years ago). And prepare yourselves.
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    Ok, I have no idea how I got here but I enjoyed reading the previous replies. I worked at Frys Woodland Hills (#8) back in 1997 for 7 months and it felt like I was there for 7 years! Made $6/hr back then as a merchandiser. It was so stupid wearing white shirt and a tie while working in a warehouse! What I REALLY hated was that the merchandisers were REQUIRED to go to the register and ring up customers when the lines get heavy. Those were the days when CD-R's and system building were all the rage and everyone lined up just to buy an AMD K6-2! lol After 7 months, I got a great job as a SysAdmin and now almost 20 years later I am an accountant. Anyone who moved OUT of Frys will inevitably have better career, so if you're stuck there you need to GET UP and GTFO as soon as you can. The world is huge, go out and explore it.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2016
    I left Fry's around 7 months ago.  
    I now work for Fry's biggest competitor. The one that's leaving their circus act in the dust. You know the one. It goes without saying.  
    Further more, I'm doing things in the 1-2 hour delivery department. And I have the fastest times. It's like being a merchandiser but more professional.  
    And to think they thought moving me to sales was the "best option"...  
    You shouldn't promote a fish to tree climber just because it's good at swimming.  
    You don't "promote" the guy who likes to organize and lift stuff to sales just because he's good at organizing and lifting stuff if he hates talking to too many people in a day.  
    I should also add I'm getting paid two dollars more per hour, work the same amount of hours, have a set schedule, and some of us get voluntary days off if it's slow enough.  
    I may not be making a ton of bank, but I feel like a million bucks!

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    Guest 34912 said it best.


    You sound too high and mighty to be praising yourself while still in retail; get over it. You are raving about getting +$2/hr for moving merch around shelves.
    If you're straight out of college or something then I can understand since you have no work skills yet. If not, it's the same story of moving from Walmart to Target; same shit different day.
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2016
    There's a reason for that, actually...Several to be honest.  
    But, You see, retail is just my side job, but there's just something about that frys just loves to try and break a person down and cut down.  
    I've seen happen with my coworkers, and thankfully it didn't happen to me. I got out before it could.  
    however if I went further into that, people could probably piece together who I am.  
    Rather not get into that.  
    All I can say is that all Mr. Punpun cares about is a set floor base pay job where he don't have to worry about certain expenses and working for a place that doesn't suck.  
    And this employer is actually very good, even just being an "entry level retail employee" gets my foot in the door to other options like "software developer", and the business is expanding rapidly.  
    They even have a set up where I can, say, go to a site in England or Japan or whatever.  
    It'd be one thing if I did move from Target to Walmart, but it's more like moving from Fry's to Amazon.  
    Actually, it's exactly that.
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    Ouch, Amazon is actually on the low-end spectrum of pay w/ not great reviews or benefits but anything is better than Fry's. Congrats friend.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2016
    I don't care about benefits like you old people do.  
    A lot of my new co-workers have already had opportunities to travel out to other places to train new recruits, so it's not that bad of a side job in the least.  
    And they pay better than Fry's.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2016
    PunPun: I don't care about benefits like you old people do.  
    There will come a time when you will
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    Its been a few weeks; have you gone to England or Japan yet? You sound naive as hell. but wish the best for you buddy :) Do us a favor and repost in this thread in 5 years to see how you're doing (if it is still here).

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how benefits haven't mattered thus far.

    "And they pay better than Fry's."
    Buddy, that is literally like 90% of all jobs. Without benefits even worse.

    For the record, I don't think anyone in this entire forum is defending Fry's at all. However your perspective is that of a 20 yr old who doesn't know how anything works yet.

    Why would you assume these anonymous people are old? Obviously you don't me, but guarantee I'm within 5 years of you.