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    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2014 edited
    I'm a pretty avid computer enthusiast and was thinking of applying for a job at Frys as a PC tech...  
    After reading around on a few threads on the forums, is the current state of Frys leadership/ management still terrible or hold a horrid reputation even though its been many years?  
    Does the position still pay minimum + commission? How much commission (percentage)?  
    It is even worth considering?  
    //Hopefully this is posted correctly on the forum
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    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2014
    Well if you don't mind making a mere $11 an hour and having to deal with shitty customers with stupid unrelated questions on top of meeting deadlines on repairing/building customer PCs, then go for it.  
    If you really insist on working at Fry's, honestly you'd make a lot more in sales (or have the potential to do so) than being a tech. If you are the type of person who hustles, wastes no time, acts like a shark/vulture, extremely convincing, confident, and are able to sneak in undetected and snatch other people's sales, you'd make bank.  
    I average $20-25 an hour as a computer salesman. Food for thought.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2014
    It really depends on your personality and what your goals are. Although it is a technical department, Fry's Electronics is still a retail store. The low pay is true. If wage is your primary interest, I would not recommend Fry's.  
    If you are interested in a future technical career and have no professional experience, I would recommend Fry's Electronics. This is definitely an entry-level position, which managers are willing to hire enthusiasts into their department; of course, this varies from store to store. There are very few places willing to hire an enthusiast, without experience, into a high-paying technical job. You can use Fry's as a stepping-stone. If you have no certification, they have an reimbursement policy to help you earn your certification because they require A+ and Apple certification.