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    Me: "So, what internet provider do you have?"  
    Customer: "Internet Explorer"  
    Me: "What size Hard Drive do you have?"  
    Customer: "One Tittybyte"  
    Me: "Excuse me??"  
    Customer: "You know, a tittybyte, TB"  
    Me: "Oh, a terabyte!"  
    Customer: "No, its pronounced tittybyte."  
    DM: "CTEC, we have a customer opportunity at returns. Go save it."  
    Me: "Fine...."  
    Customer: **Screaming something inaudible**  
    Me: "Calm down mam, whats the issue?"  
    Me: "OK, who's your internet provider?"  
    Customer: "What the f*&# is an internet provider??"  
    Me: "Who do you pay for your internet service?"  
    Customer: "You guys. I plugged the phone line into the back of the router."  
    Me: **Facepalm**  
    More to come, if you like it.:face-smile:
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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2014
    Perhaps your technical idiocy tales simply point to the low quality customers that Fry's attracts.
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    So far i have only come across the 2nd and 3rd thing you posted.

    Post some more!
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    Customer: where's that rikkou thing?
    Me: what is it that you're looking for the product to do?
    Customer: I want to get rid of cable and get that rikky thing.
    Me: do you mean Roku?
    Customer: yeah that's it.
    Me: right, so all you have to do is connect this to your internet provider and/or your wireless router. Then you subscribe to apps like Hulu or Netflix and you're all set.
    Customer: (blank look on face) you mean I still have to pay for internet AND a service?
    Me: (facepalm)
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    Reminds me of the good old days when you could tell people to delete System32 to speed up their computer.
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    Customer: The Linksystem rooter that I have stopped working.
    Salesman: Ok uh, we have new routers over here. The top of the line is the new ASUS AC 1900 Router.
    Customer: No no I need a rooter.
    Salesman: Yes, this is a router. It's pronounced router.
    Customer: Oh.
    Salesman: How big is your house?
    Customer: Pretty big. About 3,000 sq ft. Will this $29 rooter cover the whole thing? I have a 2 acre lot outside of town.
    Salesman: Actually no router will cover that amount of space. What we can do though is set you up with-
    Customer: My old rooter didn't cover much but I could use it on one side of the house. What the heck have they been doing the last few years? I thought by now that rooters would be able to cover a whole neighborhood.
    Salesman: There have been range improvements but there have been much larger improvements in speed. The government regulates what bands that these companies can use and how much electrical power is used to generate the signals that the routers use. This router is-
    Customer: Damn Obama!
    Salesman: Sigh.....
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2014
    Like I said...Fry's does seem to attract a "less than sophisticated" clientele (perhaps related to the quality of their employees?)
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    So... what attracts you to this site again Obi?
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2014
    Guest: So... what attracts you to this site again Obi?
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2014
    Guest: So... what attracts you to this site again Obi?
    His love for Fry's of course, what else??
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2014 edited
    Guest: So... what attracts you to this site again Obi?
    When I need a good laugh, or have had a week of cat herding or dealing with the "inmates running the asylum", I come here. It helps me keep my perspective and realize there are worse places to work. And sometimes to help tell the truth about Fry's (having been part of the team that handled their insurance/risk management)
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    Obi-Wan is always good for a laugh. Whether at his expense or someone else's.
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    He's not the poster we deserve but the one we need right now.