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    Me: So, why are you bringing this laptop back?  
    Customer: It doesn't work.  
    Me: Ok, lets go over here, and I'll test it out to make sure your problem is actually a problem (I phrased it nicer than that)  
    **I plug the laptop in, press the power button, and it turns on. It then proceeds to the Windows Setup.**  
    Me: Confused, I ask the customer: "What doesn't work about it?"  
    Customer: **Looks Dumbfounded**  
    Customer: HOW DID YOU GET IT TO TURN ON? I pressed the power button about 100 times and nothing happened.  
    Me: Did you PLUG IN the laptop when you got it home?  
    Customer: Errr.....  
    Customer: Sorry to waste your time, I'll just take my laptop and get going....  
    Me: OK! Thank you for choosing Fry's, and remember: Your "Best Buys" are always at Fry's. GUARANTEED!! (Who actually says that?)  
    Customer: Hello, do you have this $228 Toshiba in stock?  
    Me: Yes, but it's reallllly junkie. It'll be really slow and you'll be frustrated with it.  
    Customer: All I want is that laptop, get it for me!  
    Me; Ok, be right back.  
    **Goes to backstock and grabs laptop, and notices more than half in stock are BX**  
    Me: (Thinking to self) Hmmm... This many BX stickers, must be a shite laptop. It has a celeron. Of course it's shite. I'll just get it for the customer and then go sell something better.  
    **Comes back to customer**  
    Me: Ok, here you go.  
    **Regular Quote/Attach Spiel**  
    **Customer Leaves**  
    NEXT DAY:  
    **Phone Rings**  
    ReturnsLady: CTEC, one of your customers is returning a laptop. Come save it.  
    Me: On my way.  
    Customer: I wanna return this piece of shite Toshiba laptop.  
    Me: Ok, and why do you want to return it?  
    Customer: Its slow as F**K! It won't play my games!  
    Me: Err.. I did try and tell you yesterday when you came to get it. It has a Celeron (Craparon) processor in it. It's not designed to play games.  
    Customer: I don't care. Give me a full refund!  
    ReturnsLady: CTEC what do you want me to do?  
    Me: So, would you like to look at any other laptops? I know of a good ASUS laptop with an A6 Processor that would be much better than the celeron.  
    Customer: NO! I'm never shopping here again. GIVE ME A REFUND! I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER!  
    Me: Ok, ReturnsLady will give you a refund, minus the 15% restocking fee(Before they got rid of the restocking fee. In my opinion that was a bad idea to get rid of it. Now people will rent stuff, not stay in the store if they don't like their computer). Here's my card if you want to get a better laptop.  
    More to come.
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    Why did you start a new thread? Totally unnecessary.
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2014
    Those are great stories, keep em coming!