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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014
    I paid cash for a monitor and found it cheaper somewhere else where I don't have to pay tax. If I return it is fry's going to make me wait for the check? What if I didn't even leave the store?
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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014
    If you're thinking that Fry's is going to cut you a check then and there, get real. They'll send it via snail mail or offer you a store credit.
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    Let Frys offer to price match first, then retun if they won't.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014
    Of course you found it cheaper online... -_-
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    You can ask to get it returned to store credit then you go to the cashier and have the amount pit on a gift card or to you're credit card.
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    Frys can return the money in the same medium it was paid in. Most frys employees dont know this because management prefers store credit. The only limit is cash over $500. Then it gets complicated. Just like the official low price guarantee posted at returns for ALL customers and employees to read clearly states frys will not only match the price but ALSO knock off an additional 10% for your troubles. NO ONE EVER READS THAT!!!!! All you need do is ask and you shall get it.
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    Fry's won't match prices to websites that don't collect sales tax. Unless the manager is desperate.
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2014
    Guest: Fry's won't match prices to websites that don't collect sales tax. Unless the manager is desperate.
    It doesn't say that anywhere, they just wont waive the tax because it's state law. What they wont price match is unauthorized resellers or if it's out of stock.  
    If the monitor was less than $500 you can get cash back as stated above. If it is urgent, ask for the gift certificate and tell them to put it back on your debit card. They'll give you a gift certificate, walk you to a register, and put the money back on your debit card. Debit card refunds aren't immediate even though it's "like cash", and you will still need to wait for your bank to clear it; also, this alternative option is at the discretion of Fry's. If the Manager in Charge is refusing your request, I would definitely work my way up the chain of commands... there is almost always someone who "doesn't want to put up with it" sort of deal or realizes that it's really dumb to argue with you (considering you paid cash).  
    Good luck!
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    After re-reading my statement, it appears that I didn't properly/clearly state what I meant. Fry's will not lower their price (before sales tax) to reflect an overall price (including sales tax) to match a theoretical competitor that does not collect sales taxes. This is actually in the policy. I have seen the policy violated by SM/MIC's that are desperate to avoid big ticket items getting returned.