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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2014
    I set up a special email account for junk mail and signed up for the promo code emails. I'd like to see if frys sells my info to other retailers. Anyway, I can't even figure out to to use them. How do I know what items have promo code pricing? Do I give them to a cashier? To a sales guy and ask him to write a quote? If I use a code does someone get screwed out of a commission? Are they worth the trouble? I don't expect much from Frys...and the promo codes may be less than that. Anyone...?  
    By the way, it seems that at 50% of my local fry's has flipped over to toys, As Seen on TV junk and other swap meet class stuff. Magazines are gone. What's going on?
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    Why does Frys never promote people with college degrees especially at the Duluth store?
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    Promo codes are only for the items on the link in the email, but in store they will have a red tag at least at the location I work at, Yes Promocode items do cut into commission. They are worth the trouble for certain items there are at times some pretty cool deals.
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    As an employee of Fry's I am kinda concerned that we are losing money on these promo codes.
    Sure it's good to get people in the store, however if all they are buying is the cheap stuff, that doesn't help salespeople or cashiers that count on the commission to make $.
    Especially when we do the same sale each week on stuff like water & soda.
    I know $1 for a 24 pack of water is great, but the customers try to cheat the system (until we put our foot down) by buying multiple waters with mulitple codes (or saying they signed up).

    Not to mention since water is "heavy" that means like all the carts are being used, and since we count on the extra sales at our register, no one wants to do carts.