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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015
    Wondering how much Fry's and their vendors lost and what kind of stress it put the Fry's brothers under. Anyone know?  
    Yes, I'll agree it was karma!

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    I was a sup during those fiasco. For months home office was in crisis mode. We lost a ton of our buyer staff in software as the Feds got their hands into the books and found more mischief. What Siddiqui was doing was fully known about. Randy gave him an 8 million dollar loan to start his own distributorship that would really be controlled by frys. They did this because many of their vendors would NOT do business with them because their accounts were so delinquent. Vendors often got paid more than 60 days after delivery. If Siddiqui hadn't been blowing millions in Vegas and driving a fucking Ferrari on a $250,000 a year salary we probably would have never heard of any of this. He pushed it too far, but there are plenty left who have done worse and the district attorney still has a file open. As long as the tuaw doesn't sell their share we'll continue to see hijinks occur.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2015
    Wow, Fry's can withstand both a recession and a Siddiqui? I tell you, them Fry's brothers must be a group of hardworking all-Americans.