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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    Promotion code marketing gimmic Fry's electronics started is all bogus. Today I was denied by the manager when I presented a valid promo code. Manager spoke as if he is doing me a favor. All crappy same old Frys. Don't be a ginny pig going with your promo code.
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    Yes never approach a salesman with a promo code. They are the work of the devil and is complete bs
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    Were you late with your promo code, Chan? I know that in my store, people constantly request to use their promo code after it's expired.
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    Guest 44523 what store you at? At my store 23 people are CONSTANTLY bombarding us with expired promo codes. Then I explain to them that it's EXPIRED and they start a riot like I just insulted them. Fuck people these days.