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    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2015
    Who’s Down?  
    Two thirds of the top 25 retailers posted a sales decline, with sales falling at 16 of the top 25 retailers.  
    The biggest losers, in order, were:  
    • mass merchant Target, down 36.4 percent;  
    • home-office chain Staples, down 15 percent;  
    • multiregional appliance/electronics chain Fry’s Electronics and mass merchant Walmart, each down 12.5 percent;  
    • electronics retailer RadioShack, down 10 percent;  
    • direct seller Newegg, down 9 percent;  
    • multiregional appliance/electronics chain P.C. Richard, down 7.7 percent;  
    • BJ’s Wholesale Club, down 6 percent; • mass merchant Kmart, down 5.5 percent;  
    • Best Buy, down 4.9 percent;  
    • Bluestem Brands, down 3.5 percent; and  
    • Amazon, down 2.8 percent.  

      CommentAuthorGuest 7470
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2015
    Radio shack is ahead of frys, nice!
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    Most newer cars sound decent enough, they will take USB or sync with your phone. Gone are the days of CD changers and carrying a massive CD wallet. You would have to put in a couple thousand to see any meaningful difference anymore. In the late 90's there were about 7-10 car audio magazines, now there is only 1 or 2. Aftermarket car audio is dying a certain death.
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2015
    Radio Shack is still around? I thought they closed their doors... guess I heard wrong. Not a huge surprise, though it is interesting that it's across the whole board. Are a lot of people getting laid off right now in certain industries?  
    Either way, I can't remember the last time I set foot in a Fry's. Going to brick and mortar and being forced to buy the one thing they stock is like so unneeded, compared to just ordering it online and having an ounce of patience.
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2015 edited
    A lot of Car Audio sales people go into the draw. It's a rotating door and a bit pathetic really.  
    How can you blame the car audio salesman and fire him when he's trying to survive off of a pure comp salary, when it's the market that dictates whether your employee gets paid or not. just plain unfair.  
    I swear that they do not have competent people doing sales research nor do they have competent corporate dept heads at these stores, and they haven't come up with any good ideas.  
    I mean, this is off tangent, but have any of you stepped into a Vcon meeting? It's hard to see these people, our boss's bosses, be passionate about electronics at all.  
    They're just people who repeat a description, sales, or number point. I could learn this stuff setting up a display. There's no passion other than making money, and while that's fine, I mean I like to make money, it's just...they're really advantageous about it. It's hard to describe. Whn they come around during MOPAR, You can just get that vibe when you hear them talk to a customer selling them something they absolutely do no need, and I've seen it happen plenty of times. Trying to correct them causes this shark attitude to take over if the customer is weak enough. If the customer is competent, they'll retreat and let a much more savvy sales associate handle it. Even Chihuahuas keep barking at a threat. But these guys...sheesh.  
    Vcon meetings should just go over new inventory and changes and that's it. most often the sales people do more than enough research to render 1 hour long vcon meetings obsolete.  
    Also, recently I've started to notice Frys Code items get comp, but it's not keeping anyone's heads above the water.