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    What do I need to know?  
    Tips please
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    Either you have "it" or you don't. Enjoy your 5 weeks in sales.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2015
    1. Say whatever it takes to sell something. 99/100 they won't come back to complain. When they do, make something up about how they misinterpreted you.  
    2. Only sell high-yielding commission items. Everything else is out of stock. Unless you got a shipment that "nobody told you about."  
    3. Tell them the sale price is only if they buy a 5-year PSC. Otherwise it's the amount they'd have to spend plus the price of a 5-year PSC.  
    4. Print out quotes for high-yielding items and cut the UPC codes off them them. Superglue it over the items' box UPC. Keep it discrete.  
    5. Go and work on your lunch break and days off.  
    6. Start looking for a new job.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2015 edited
    You need to know how to make a good Resume.  
    jk jk... but it couldn't hurt to have as backup in case it doesn't work out. I personally don't think people can be "trained" to sell well; everyone has their own style, and you need to find a niche you can fulfill.  
    I'd say the best thing to do is avoid "explaining" too much, and learn how to move onto next customers if the current one isn't working out. It can be frowned upon by words and difficult to say because it doesn't sound good, but some "customers" are out there to screw you over. They don't want to buy things in the store but they can't check it out online very well, so they'll use you as the research and give their money to the online retailer, which is not good for your or the company. Have you ever seen a sales person explain to much and do well? I haven't.  
    Find your style too. Sell them a story, and connect with them.  
    Are you a sales person waiting for the big sales, or the one that has a lot of little ones? Maybe you just go for everything (can you be effective at selling everything?).  
    Research your products! I've seen some great ideas like checking the POS for commission at the beginning of the day, and writing down some focus items to refer customers to it. Honestly, you'll probably make more money if you spend the first 30 minutes doing your own research and working on a sales pitch from every angle... than if you just walked in and started "selling".  
    Cooperate with other departments! Make associates want to bring customers to you; delegate the customers to another associate or an area if you believe it wont be in your interest or if it's not your area of expertise (you can tell the customer "I don't know" -- Fry's philosphy is "Lets find out" so take the customer to the next person, get a quick answer, and let them work with that customer).  
    It's like a board game: Be a teammate, or be a traitor. You can't try to be everyone's friend and back stab them on sales, nor can you always back stab and ask them to be your friend. You'll have to commit to one. Most people go for "friends", but I've seen people do well blowing off everyone.  
    I've seen some sales people buy some products, try it, and return it. Fry's might not like this and might not want you to do this, but having personal experience with the product might make it easier for you to explain to customers without any technical lingo.  
    Hope some of this helps. Good luck! ... also note that I took hella days to explain this... I wonder if you even read it (based on my first serious suggestion, which I contradicted).
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    You are better off standing at a busy street corner and lunging your body into oncoming traffic.
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    I actually am going to help you. Also, any Fry's salespeople reading this will see an increase in their close ratio by 41%. I needed a refuge--very long story--but lets just say I needed a place to work for 8 months while I pursued my last shot at a dream I had that required 90% of my sales ability. So I worked at Fry's. I have never witnessed such a horrid workforce, downright clueless management and 0 back end (logistics) support. I came from a different type of sales--where middle level income was about 65K. The best Fry's sales people were the bottom feeders of every floor I had worked the past 15 years.

    Watch what the top 5 salespeople do on your floor and avoid doing everything they do--observe how everyone sales and do the opposite.

    1. 98% of your customers think you are a retarded kid, dressed like a Mormon and will lie in order to close them.
    2.Because Fry's treats their workforce like the Roman's treated their slaves the mined gold and silver--work them until they die, invade Cappadocia and get more slaves--this fosters the worse employee moral I have ever seen.
    3. The top sales people you hear about on V-Con are Top because they are veterans, know all the ins and outs and would slit your throat for a Beats headphone quote. They do not know how to sale. Is Ashcan still on V-Con? This guy knows Sales. I am talking about Sales, the ability to sell a corporate jet. the ability to sell a 3.2 million dollar software package to a large manufacturing firm. The ability to sit with a millionaire, someone who has purchased a private jet and is showing the brochure and close a 214K Savant based smart home with a 115" Stewart Screen, Macintosh gear and Linn Speakers with 21k budgeted for the proscenium alone (my last deal..which I made 19k on...believe me or not, this is the internet, but I am small potatoes too many in my industry, our Top just closed a commercial deal that landed him a 43k me and I"ll send you a pic of my commission report).
    Write everything that Ashcan says and study on your own--compare it to what you find in sales books, online.
    4. Find a mentor outside of Fry's. It can even be someone you read about. How much do you think that Verizon hotshot makes a year that just sold you your phone? My buddy is #2 in his store--corporate, don't think of the people in the mall--he made 89k last year and is year to date tracking on breaking 95k. He wants to jump ship, but I work 7 days a week and until 2am in the morning. I have to deal with contractors and interior designers. He gets to play with phones all day and make only 25K less then me a year. Anyway, make friends with a great salesperson who HAS NEVER OR WILL NEVER WORK AT FRYS and beg them to mentor will help.
    5. This is all you need:understand that EVERY customer you speak was forced by reptilian part of their brain onto your floor. This ancient brain makes almost every buying decision. Fortune 500 companies consult with experts in this form of sales and help them design their ads and shape their marketing strategy. How does this help you? Well, stop talking to the other part's of their brain. Stop trying to talk about how much you know, thinking they will "trust" you and buy from you because you know your shit. They will not. They could care less about you...why? Because their old brain is busy thinking about the one thing it cares about--itself.
    a. Master this. Always ask questions about what they like to do online, computers they have owned in the past. Speak maybe 10% of the time. Demo the computer. Don't tell them what it will do--show them. They like Instagram--pop it up. They are an artist? Go over to Deviant Art and display the webpage or show them what software and Wacom tab to buy.
    b.Always make it about them. If you catch yourself talking about you--give a friend a $1. Always focus on them.
    c. Once you master this you will be #1 and soon out of that hell.
    d. If you still have not gotten it, I will share this, from a book on this type of sales. One of the pioneers in the field was having dinner in San Fran. Outside of the restaurant was a homeless man. He held a sign, filled with a small bio, he was a vet, he has PTSD, he can not work, he has been homeless for 15 years, etc. Well, the sales consultant asked him a favor. He would give the man $10 if he simply did one thing: let the sales pro write a message on the other side of the board and all the homeless man had to do was hold that sign for an hour and tell him what happened. The homeless man agreed and to the sales pro's shock, when he exited the establishment 2 hour later, the homeless man shoved $20 in his hand and exclaimed, "I have never made that much money before! Please, take this." The sales pro refused and left knowing that he was on the right track.

    What was on the sign?

    "What if YOU were hungry"

    Let that sink in. Why did that work, why--if you let yourself understand this you will rock as a salesperson. Everyone really does not care about reading some person's sob story. They only care about themselves. The sob story sign is like you, telling them how you were coding in the womb, have been doing this for "years" or trying to impress them with your vast knowledge. They tune out. But when people saw that homeless person"s sign it made them think of themselves and imagine what it would be like to beg outside of a restaurant, hungry and cold and alone. They only cared because it made them think of how they would feel in that person's shoes. This is the heart of this way of selling. You have to always speak to that selfish, acorn sized ancient brain that is always shouting ME ME ME. When I see that my clients spent 35k for their oven at Pirch but never cook, I know they will always want the most expensive items we can get them--yes, I make more--but if I tried to suggest a Sony projector they would never return my calls. They like that one center channel from Linn costs 20k. This type of person wants the ability to always buy "the best."

    Learn about your customers as fast as you can. Observe everything about them. Start playing poker (my mentor told me to do this) just to learn how to judge people's non-verbal signals. But the easiest thing to do is ask as many questions as possible without angering them--hell, carry a notebook and write it will be surprised how many customers appreciate that and decide to buy from you on the spot. Why? Because that old brain is saying," this person cares about what I want to buy so much he is taking notes, maybe this time I will buy something that I won't regret in a week..I mean, if he/she cares enough to ask me a bunch of questions and WRITE THEM DOWN maybe they won't shaft me like that other jerkoff did at that damn stupid timeshare we stupidly bought."