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    I bought an LG 55" tv for $515. I just moved and didn't have a tv stand or couches. the reason why I bought the tv before was because it was on special.  
    a day after I bought it I opened the box, connected the tv and it had a big Crack in the top where it looked like the ink was just internally dripping.. when u turn off the tv it didn't have anything. I took it back and told them how I got my tv and what was wrong with it. they checked it and because the box was in perfect condiciones it wasn't there fault. the manager said he would email LG and see if they would give me a new one. what can I do to make sure I get my money back or a new tv. 500 might be much for them. but it's a lot for me
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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015 edited
    Could you help us out with a picture of the box and the television. One of the television off, and the other with it on? Please be quick because if you wait longer, then the store and home office will less likely to help you.  
    In addition to sharing the pictures to us: Send a complaint email to the store to have it documented, and it'll also create a Customer Opportunity Report (COR), which Store and Assistant Managers "try" to keep limited (formal complaints can get the home office involved if they are not resolved)... just to get the ball rolling too... the email is on the bottom of your receipt and looks something like (the ## being the store number).
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2015
    Check also with your credit card. They may have a zero liability feature for defective products if the store won't help you out.
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    I would attempt to get your money back and take your business elsewhere. Fry's Electronics is a dying company. No need to spend money at this store anymore.
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2019
    OP posted this 4 years ago.