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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2015
    You know, when someone quits, either they do fraud, cuss out boss, knock over a tv or two, what's one story you can share? Be as detailed as possible, I'll get the popcorn ready.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2015
    These two Asian kids shoplifted a copy of World of Warcraft and some blank CDs. When they had seven of us surrounding them outside the store, they looked like a pair of Chinese deer in headlights.
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    The Stripper who got hired at Store 15 and was dumber than rocks but somehow got promoted to CS Sup by using her knee pads and mouth on some indian dude who came into train to be a CSDM. She is still banging the store manager while working at the Strip Club down the street.
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    Store #14 ; Shoplifter arrested and was very agitated in the office. Got a hold of a stun gun that he must
    have been wearing / concealing. Started shocking the Loss Prevention Officers inside the
    office, lots of commotion and noise coming from the office, and they came running out
    trying to get control of this guy with his stun gun, but he kept running his stun gun
    spilling out into the returns department. One of the components manager's grabbed
    a motherboard box and started smacking the hand that was holding the gun, and
    knocked it out. The Officers finally got him back under control. All this while
    he was in handcuffs and using his stun gun. That was quite an adrenaline rush
    to watch.
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    Did you save us any popcorn?