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  1.  permalink
    I guess I may be getting a little impatient with Fry's at the moment. With everything that's going  
    on with the company. It's a sad store I know, but I still keep having these damn dreams about  
    working there again... This time I was shirtless and trying to help the Assistant Store  
    Manager with some issues that a customer was having. Actually he's now the Store  
    Manager at this moment, but am not mentioning any names. Anyway he's probably  
    wondering why I came to work without a shirt on. I kinda have a gut so I guess  
    that's how I got the nickname "The Sheriff" at the time when I was working there.  
    Anyways, so my gut is hanging out and about, and I really didn't care that I  
    was talking to the Assistant Store Manager half dressed, but I think he kinda  
    liked the belly that was showing and all. Or maybe I am just getting hungry  
    for Fry's and I miss working for the belly of the beast.  
    Hurry up Fry's am hungry for my check also!!!  
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    No idea what the f*ck you are even babbling about, but to answer your initial question/subject; usually I've gotten my compensation around March.
  3.  permalink
    hahaha love the dream dude. Try getting a different job thats NOT fries but still retail?
  4.  permalink
    Deferred comp check came in for me today. Godspeed, OP