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    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2015 edited
    A good salesperson could easily clear $700 on their check a week in the 90's and not lie to customers to make a sale. They sold the customer what They needed, not what the Salesman had to sell...
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2015
    When I started working for Fry's back in 2008, I was averaging $800-1200 a week, and sometimes upwards to $2000 on good weeks. Now I consistently clear $2000 a week after getting out of retail.
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    I started working there in 2005. Moved to sales the December of my first year in the Components Department. Within 2 months, I was consistantly making $800 to $1000 a WEEK in commission. Not counting the $8 an hour we made as well. Got promoted to supervisor, and took a pay cut. My first entire year in sales, I made $56k, my first year as a supervisor I made $49k. But I didnt have to sell anymore. Fast forward to 2012 and they made supervisors sell again to make comission, I was clearing doing about $800ish a week for the first quarter, until they came down on the supervisors to "stop selling and work on our area's" which means we made minimum wage.

    I can tell you from 2005 to about midway through 2011. I loved working at Fry's. My store manager alone made it a great place to work, I met some people that are still best friends to this day (going on 8 years now), and did not mind working a retail schedule. I dont regret working for Fry's as it helped me get the things I have now, and built a base that I used to move onto bigger and better things.

    When they started screwing with Supervisor's pay and what not, that was when things went to hell, and I got out.
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    I feel sorry for you guys. I made 75k working at Tweeter in 00,01 and 02 and then opened my own business. I recently worked at Frys for 8 months after I lost a battle with a manager in another retail sales job in which I was making an avg of 55k a year working 4 days a week. Sell furniture. If you want to work 4 days a week and have a life and leave for an hour or so for lunch. I was there to just collect on Fam Leave after my second kid was born. I didn't want to be employed at a job I cared about because I knew they wouldn't look kindly at such a long leave. I have never seen such a horrid group of sales people. Some were ok, but they had been at Frys so long they actually thought they were salespeople. Vcon wasn't bad, Asscan knows the art of sales but most people don't want to be pulled from the floor to learn.

    After my leave I pulled some old contacts and got a job with a high end custom home theater company. Made a descent base and started working with a few clients. Sales process was long but we used Savant and it takes awhile to explain the system and why we wanted 45k for the system. I then closed a 190k old school home theater and whole house integrated system (lutron, 4k in every room, 4k projector in theater, masking, proscenium Stewart screen) and made 32k in commission. Then the client recruited me and now I work for his firm as a commercial accounts manager. Make 950 a week as a base, company car, credit card, laptop, iphone 6 and 21% commission.

    Get out of Frys. There is an entire world of real sales that many of you can transition too if you study the art of sales and simply try to move on. It is pathetic seeing people there when I go in and buy random Fry's shit. Sad that I can buy xmas toys for myself and spend what most of you make in a month with disposable income.

    Look for Customer Service jobs. You can start at a 40-50k job and start managing accounts. You know what I do? I visit and talk to people. And they often buy and then I take home 2300. The avg for my company is 78k per year and I am on the low end of biz to biz salespeople (Account Mangers is what we are called now).

    Just do it.

    DO IT.