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  1.  permalink
    What's with the managers and the  
    sups? Seems there's always someone cheating on someone in that store. Manager's that get drunk near the store and are seen leaving strip clubs from the nearby restaurants. Not very family friendly when your employees are so unethical. Homewreckers and alcoholics. Good job Webster Fry's. I know a lot of people that won't be shopping there anymore knowing what type of people you have as management.
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    They're adults. They can drink and fuck as much as they want. What does their personal life have to do with selling electronics? Nothing. People that throw moral stones usually do much worse stuff. Bet you watch Japanese lolicon.
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    Hey man, how dare you talk negative about lolicon! Lolicon is awesome!
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    Does a consumer not have a right to choose who/what their earned money supports?  
    Lolicon is all about women, so no I don't watch it. I remember hearing of so many people's sexcapades when I worked there a long time back and now I'm hearing of it again from others. I thought having a manager pregnant with a supervisors baby was bad enough. They need to all learn to keep it on the quiet. Like I did. No one knew who I was involved with.
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    So u were having affairs with employees? Guess ur no better than the people u chastise. Typical moral hypocrite.
  7.  permalink
    Not affairs. Neither of us were cheating on anyone.