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    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2016 edited
    Fry's Electronics Camera Department thinks they have a phantom 15% restocking fee. Do not accept any compromise. Anaheim California...  
    I purchased a Canon Vixia HF G30 at Fry's Electronics in San Diego. This is not a review on the San Diego store.  
    I quickly discovered DSLR cameras are far better than this camcorder that I drove all the way from Anaheim to San Diego on a Sunday to get. After this realization, I went to Fry's in Fountain Valley, to get a Canon 70D. A far superior device for almost $500 less. Knowing I have 30 days to return anything besides some prepaid phones, after reading the policies over and over, there was no stress in having 2 cameras in my possession at one time.  
    I go into the Anaheim location, my local store, to return the camera from San Diego. I'm sorry I didn't like it. But I didn't. But if as a company you have policies and procedures that are binding agreements, you need to abide by them I do not know who these awful sales associates are on the floor in Anaheim, but they should not be trying to find every single stretch of an excuse not to rightfully take back the camera.  
    Some seriously shady behavior took place after the nice customer service lady verified everything was accounted for.  
    First, the customer service manager approaches me after making me wait 10 minutes. This is the beginning of their stall technique. Wait patiently. This is a how to guide to make sure the camera you don't want gets returned.  
    Customer Service manager verifies contents, asks why the return. Yada yada yada. Then tells me I need to wait for the store manager. Sure. 10 - 15 minutes later, an old man strolls into the customer service area, and tells me sorry for the delay, he's going to get my camera returned and on my way.  
    Talk is cheap at Fry's. Take it with a grain of salt. Don't hang on every word they say because it is meaningless. Until there is a problem, wait to show how impatient you might be. Take a deep breath because you want to be able to not show emotion as they have none, and are incapable of shame. Have you ever noticed if you hand your receipt to an employee at the door and they haven't yet said may I see your receipt, they say it after they are already holding it and you've let go? Just an observation. It's strange behavior.  
    So the old man introduces himself as the store manager. I don't care who he is. I still want to return the camera. I already replaced the one I'm returning with another camera from Fry's, don't make me so mad I'll return both right? Wrong.  
    He woefully informs me that he's not allowed to accept a return for me. He's done everything in his power and he's so sorry.  
    He's not. And who cares. It doesn't matter. He is a disgusting lying thief and he's got to deal with that on his own. The man is shameless, and was ready to go down a list of excuses for barring a return of $1450 to my credit card.  
    He cites the 14 day return policy. Or 15 days, it doesn't matter. I said shoot, I could have sworn I did my research before buying anything. Remember I bought this in San Diego, this is important in a minute. He goes on to tell me, the 30 day return policy is solely for the San Diego store, and is out of their jurisdiction in other words. They would most definitely accept it back if I went back. I said no, I live here. You don't sell anything but point and shoots here. I'm not going back.  
    He regroups.  
    Now he is getting creative. Out comes this bold lie. Cites the first line of the return policy printed on the placard at the table, the receipt in my hand from san diego, a receipt from Anaheim. All say the same thing:  
    "For a refund or exchange, most products may be returned within 30 days of original purchase date. See Exclusions below."  
    And below, is a list of exclusions, not including one instance of camera or camcorder in their exclusions. This is your ticket. There is no policy excluding cameras. Do not budge. Do not accept anything from them. They do not want the camera back.  
    Next tactic was offer me a deal. 15% restocking fee HA! I'll only pay a $0 restocking fee. If you can produce anything in writing I'll pay the 15% fee. If any of these claims you've made so far are on this piece of paper, I will obey them. Just point to it and I'll be on my way. THEY CANT!  
    Out of no where, the old man pulls out a blank receipt type paper, I say "type" because it was very thick and did not resemble the receipts they actually hand out. What this is, is an old roll of receipt paper, that this old crook has saved, when they did have a 15% restocking fee on cameras. They did, now they don't. And it hasn't been this way for some time it seems. But nevertheless, he uses this scrap of paper as a way to scam people out of returning anything from the camera dept. It clearly says 15% restocking fee. But not my receipt. And not anything else. Fry's could not produce anything in writing to prove I was the one in the wrong. I stood there and held my receipt up, and said this is my contract, and you must abide by this legally binding contract. Finally, the old man is gone, and the customer service manager caves albeit without emotion, and says as if we weren't arguing for a half hour, we are gonna get you on your way as quick as possible, thanks for your patience.  
    Great, get me the hell out of here.  
    Do not ever worry about them denying a return. They can only deny you a return if you are outside the 30 days or meet one of their exclusions. If you are having trouble, take a deep breath. Patience depletes there health bar faster than anything.  
    I forgot to mention the most shameless attempt of them all. The old man claimed they are allowed to dictate store policy in the camera department HA! He said, in cameras, we have to verbally inform our customers that the returns are 15 days, or 14 days, whichever. And also that there is a 15% restocking fee for buyers remorse. I said ok, so what happens when the salesman in San Diego doesn't tell the customer. I have a witness, that will testify he definitely didn't say it. Not to mention, I drive back to Anaheim empty handed if he tells me 15% restocking fee. I'll never agree to terms like that for anything. The customer service managers solution, is to call the San Diego store, get the associate on the phone, and ask him if he explained the phantom 15% restocking fee and 15 day return policy restrictions. I said, do you think I am that dumb? You're making it all up as you go, and someone in San Diego is going to be coached to say he did announce the secret phantom policy. We won't be able to verify the employee. Only I can do that visually. And he was ready to let the sales associate in San Diego determine the outcome of the return. So I said, as long as whatever he says is already written on my receipt, I won't accept any offer. I even said I would call the police before leaving this store with this camera.  
    The moral of the story is Fry's Electronics is as unethical as it gets. They make such a big deal over returns, when manufacturers have their crap repackaged in prisons for practically free. Legal slavery is built into the system, as long as it's exploitation of prisoners only.  
    This is a how to get your s**t returned at Fry's. But perhaps don't go there at all to begin with. Knowing this, you probably won't. They will try to bamboozle you til you cant stand. But time is there enemy. Bring a magazine. Play with your phone, just wait them out. They have other customers to deal with, and they don't want to spend too many resources at once. I am not even done with them yet. I am returning the 2nd camera out of fear and despise for this establishment. You won't get away with treating people like this.  

    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2016
    There's a better way. Do your research first and shop elsewhere. Avoid the hassle and nonsense of Fry's altogether.
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    This is why I felt a lot of sleaze working at Frys. This place needs to fall into a sink hole.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2017
    Well the problem with Fry's is, we don't get things restocked by "in prisons for practically free" they slap a 5% discount label on the product instead and leave it in the shithole package that the person tore apart, making it virtually unsellable...