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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2016
    So I have been working at Store 15 for the past 2 months and they want me to move into a Merchandise Supervisor position in out AV department. Since I've been here for 2 months I haven't seen any of these Supervisors come and go as others have, but everyone is telling me that I shouldn't take the position. Its very tempting at $15 an hour +commission based on the departments GP. I heard that a lot of them get fired and I want to know if this is due to incompetence, or if it's just due to the nature of the position and you could potentially be used as a scapegoat. Any input or experiences would be great on the matter. I have about 2 weeks before a decision is made. The other option for me is to move up to Computer Sales, which is purely commission based. Opinions?
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    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2016
    I would personally take it. There are just so many pros over cons; however, I am not really in the mood to list them all at the moment. Maybe you can try making a list of your own - I'm sure you weren't going to rely off of an answer on the internet anyways.  
    What I will give insight on is that the pay isn't much... but that's not what gives the position value. You should be increasing your potential to do well by seeking experience and skills, and a position in leadership - no matter how stupid and menial it may be - is a great way to get started. Remember this too: Just because you work for a shitty company doesn't mean that you have to do a shitty job. If things don't work out, then your newly acquired skills are very translatable into other opportunities. If it works out, then you're golden... and those newly acquired skills are still very translatable into other opportunities (which will give you more choices and leverage).  
    Last, nothing is safe at Fry's, and this is especially true at Store # 15.  
    Good luck!
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    Odd, d5 merch sup position was dissolved along with all other dept specific merch sup positions. What store number are u?
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2016
    ... anyhow: If they're offering it, then they're offering it. What happens to a lot of positions is they stop filling them in rather than literally removing it from the system. I haven't kept up to date because I haven't worked for Fry's in a long while, but I would suspect the merchandising supervisor position is doing something similar.
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    Run as fast as you can.