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    I went to fry electronics to buy awasher machine and got Samsung brand with two year warranty that would be expire on 07/24/2017. Unfortunately within five months washer start to make very loud noises during load and start leaking water from machine and even after three loads on same cloths no rinsing of soap. Then I call the Fry customer service on 04/22/2016 they sent kat soukhaphanith sales man to check machine he saw machine within five minutes and he wrote something on paper and ask me to visit the store to get new washer. But when I went there they were totally uncooperative and said they need other guy to see the machine and hopefully that visit will work according to sales associate James yobe so same guy came to see machine and he said go get new machine.we call the customer service talk to James he said let me talk to my manager and after 45min hold he said sorry we can't do any thing. This is my worse experience of my life with fry electronics so I will request to all my friends plz plz don't get anything from fry electronics

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    Anyone reading this will now have both your address and phone numbers.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2016
    Did you use a toaster to take this picture? That is some truly next gen shit tier resolution.  
    Also did they say why they can't do anything? Have you called samsung maybe get an RMA from them, I'm not sure how that process works though.  
    Did you talk to the manager directly?  
    What did the manager say?  
    Why didn't they just let you do an even exchange? This is a relatively easy process and I suspect the people at returns were being lazy and didn't want to deal with it.  
    Be more specific if you need advice.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2016
    Mistake #1 - you went to Fry's  
    Mistake #2 - you got suckered into the Fry's PSC warranty  
    Contact your credit card company and ask for help. a repair service and get the machine repaired. File a claim in small claims court for the repairs and all expenses.
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    Lol sure, go to court and get raped by their lawyers because you never actually took the time to read what the psc covers. I remember a customer yelling because they're newish TV had 3 dead pixels and wanted an exchange. well the Psc had a specific number of pixels that needed to be bad, think 5 or 10, so the customer was forced to read the Psc contract and told sorry we can't do anything.
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    Salesmen everywhere will con you into thinking the warranty covers everything, then when you try to use it the store will look for ways to say no. Happened when I tried to get a replacement key for my car. Told them the warranty, they said they never heard of it price it's in the contract go away, I showed them, then they tried to see if it expired, it didn't, they tried talking to their managers to find a loophole. They finally gave in but charged me $25 for labor cost. The key is free the labor isn't. Fucking gillman Honda.
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    yeah that washer issue is an easy fix. PSC replacement should get you a new one. unless there is some weird physical damage.
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    Yea they give you all the terms on the actual contract. People bitch and complain about the salesman all the time and they are at fault but you derps have the PSC and all terms and conditions given to you the minute you finish paying for everything. Read the contract people.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2016
    If a Fry's salesperson misrepresents the PSC, there are certain legal requirements/standards that would dictate Fry's comply with what the salesperson promised or claimed the PSC would cover. It's called bait and switch. Oh yeah...Fry's has been sued...and the past for doing this.