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  1.  permalink
    Wow. Quite the forums.  
    Class action lawsuit.  
    Guy getting fired for starting a forum..  
    Well. What the hell am I signing up for? Job is for Comp service tech. I've got the 801 Comptia a+ test, just need to do the 802.  
    What am I (honestly) signing up for?
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      CommentAuthorGuest 9676
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2016
    Scheduling deliveries, answering phones, customer service, telling customers what they want to hear, doing management's job, paperwork after more paperwork. You're looking at a dead end job unless higher ups love you or you suck the corporate cock, all that and on minimum wage I might add. If you've got A+ you're better off elsewhere, Fry's is a joke.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2016
    Run Forrest Run!
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    Fry's is z good place to get Your foot in IT. Mostly incompetent staff and management bug I've seen the good people get high paying jobs elsewhere since they worked as a service tech. Fry's is a stepping stone to better things that