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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2016
    My favorite store to run to when I need a tech component or new electrical component has always been Fry's. When I lived in northern California I literally assembled a computer in the parking lot if Fry's to make sure everything worked before I drove back home to save the return trip of 2 hours. So I have been a loyal customer for years, but lately I have been very disappointed with Fry's. Their shelves are not stocked fully. Fry's is getting there TV departments butts kicked by Best Buy. The less expensive plugs, cords and other items that are the cheaper but comparable i.e. plugs, HDMI cords, ext or sale items that were shown to be in stock are missing or not stocked or missing forcing me to buy the most expensive item. The general appearance showing poor interest in maintaining the stock in an orderly format is disappointing. I get Fry's has different items other then electronics for sale, but an entire row dedicated to cheap discontinued perfume, office supplies that appear to be stocked by a child and employees that stand around and talk to each other because I may not appear to be worth the write-up for their credit  
    Simple short story my father and I were walking around one Saturday he walked into a computer store and looked around. We appeared unassuming wearing jeans and t-shirts and old beater shoes. One of the salesmen walked up to us and told my father that this was a computer store that specialized in corporate servers and he should go to the Apple store. My father smiled and walked out. I followed behind, but I turned around and walked back up to the two salesmen who were now chuckling to each other. I said you were just speaking the the west coast regional manager of 11 major newspapers and another 2 in Hawaii.  
    Never assume anyone is who they are. Please get your store in order.
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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2016
    BTW not to sound mean, but your car stereo department in San Marcos CA looks like the last three days Circuit City was open with wires hanging out of the displays and nothing really worth whilento buy. The car audio department used to be top notch. To date you have 1amp in the floor display the overhead DVD display is stacked boxes of back up mirror cameras and again nothing that would capture my attention for more that 30 seconds. Defiantly nothing in the booth that would shout I have to have this item. (You had people in that department that cared and knew their business now I have to hunt down a sales rep to ask a question). Its Christmas and your store looks like it's the day after Christmas.  
    (just saying)
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    Fuck you and your father
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    Agree, who reads newspapers? Babies? Go fuck your newspaper too!
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    Wasn't Frys doing their ads on newspapers until 2014?

    Frys is still running with dinosaur practices.