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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2017
    Has anyone recently noticed how shit it is to work in car electronics? We don't carry, nor can we even special order dash kits/harnesses for basically any car manufactured after 2010. That's about 75% of customers that want to spend money, is people that have money and new cars to spend money on. Rich people don't want to throw down $800 on a 2006 Honda they just bought used. They want to put a brand new, amazing audio system in their Newsih cars that they bought within the last 5 years that are going to easily last them another 10. We miss out on a huge chunk of profits and customers this way, Metra and Axxess make the parts, we just don't have PLUs for them. I've worked car audio for a while now, and I can see that numbers on paychecks has slowly been going down as well as the number of salesmen. My store is currently at one sales who hits the draw every 2 or 3 weeks because we live in San Diego where there are car shops on every street corner who have parts for people's vehicles, but charge them 2x what we do for installs, but we can't even compete. Plus there's a WalMart across the street bringing in a bunch of "Time sink" customers who want to know everything, but buy nothing and won't go away. Is there any way for the Car Audio Salespeople to make money anymore? Just 2 years ago it was a booming business.

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    >complaining while on a car install paycheck

    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2017
    Except for a few high end shops that do intricate custom work, I think car audio is dying in general. When I got into car audio in the 90's, every car a shit factory system in it, and spending a ton of money on an upgrade was worthwhile. These days most new car sound systems sound really good. They're not the absolute best by any means, and they likely won't appeal to a true audiophile, but they're good enough that the majority of people who would have spent money on a stereo system just don't find the motivation or reason to do so anymore.  
    I think most installers spend their days now putting in remote start systems and video monitors in headrests to entertain kids. Every now and then some idiot with no real concept of quality audio will want a bunch of bass added in to his factory system, but true SQ installs seem to be relics from a former era now.  
    If you're really passionate about car audio and you're still young, go find a high end shop to work end. Get your MECP certification if you haven't already. But honestly, car audio probably won't make for a good long-term career, so if it's frustrating you now, I'd say get out and go do something else. It's not likely to get any better.