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    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2017
    I've read the current Fry's PSC Terms and Conditions document several times now, and I still can't figure out when the PSC kicks in and how long it lasts if you buy the PSC with an item that also has its own manufacturer's warranty. Here's the language from the PSC:  
    2. Effective Period - This Contract shall begin on the date of the purchase of the Covered Equipment and  
    shall continue in full force and effect for the period of years specified on the invoice unless terminated sooner  
    as provided below. For example, if the Covered Equipment was purchased on 2/26/10 with a one-year  
    Contract, the Contract would have a start date of 2/26/10 with a one-year Contract, the Contract would have a  
    start date of 2/26/10, regardless of the time of day purchased, and an end date of 2/25/11 at close of business.  
    If the Contract does not provide for a loaner, nor offers a one-time replacement provision, the term of Contract  
    shall begin on the day following the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, if the purchase  
    date of the Covered Equipment is 2/26/09, and it has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Contract will  
    begin on 2/27/10, regardless of the time of day purchased, and would end at close of business on 2/26/11.  
    Huh? What does this mean? The various parts of this seem to contradict each other. The first sentence says the contract period begins on the day you buy the product, and lasts for as many years as specified in the PSC. But the last two sentences say that if the item has a manufacturer's warranty, then the contract period doesn't start until the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires.  
    Let's say I bought a TV that comes with a 2 year mfr's warranty, and also bought a 2 yr PSC for the TV.  
    Does the PSC contract period start on the day I bought the item, so that the PSC and the mfr's warranty run in parallel (per first sentence), and I only have 2 years of warranty coverage total?  
    Or does the contract period start on the day after the mfr's warranty expires, and run for 2 additional years, such that I have 4 years of warranty coverage in total (per last 2 sentences)? If that is so, does that mean that I get no benefit whatsoever from the PSC during the first 2 years - i.e. if a problem develops during the first 2 years, I am responsible for dealing with the mfr myself, and shipping the device to the mfr for service myself?  
    I had the impression that by buying the PSC, Fry's would take care of any failures that arose starting from the day I purchased the item - i.e. if anything went wrong, I could just bring the item back to Fry's instead of sending it to the mfr for repair. But in the case of an item that comes with a mfr's warranty, the language of the PSC doesn't seem to back that up. If anybody can clarify I would appreciate it.
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    internally, the unit would be shipped to and repaired per the manufacturer, i.e. the retailer would send it to the mfgr on behalf of the customer, this way the retailer would ensure no cost other than the shipping. the customer would then be provided a loaner, unless the mfgr was not be able to repair it, then it would be replaced per the contract. many retailers extended warranties operate in this manner.
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    and yes it would start from DAY 1 of purchase (whatever is on the purchase ticket)
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2017
    Fry's PSC is a waste of money
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    Fry's psc is a good way to upgrade old equipment. Use to get it on mobos and CPUs. Then right before the 3 year psc expired they would stop working. Psc exchange is for same or comparable. I would get a comparable Mobo and CPU with the newest socket type.
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2017
    No, it's not.  
    Get a real computer from some small business  
    or just buy it from newegg or best buy  
    go back to taiwan you FOBS.  

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    Wow. So much salt and negativity here.