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    I was caught at an Albertsons stealing liquor bottles. Around $300 worth, which is a misdemeanor when under the amount of $950. I cooperated and did not run or pull away from the loss prevention when approached. He was kind of sloppy and didn't know what to do with me while waiting for the cops making me go in and out of different places in the store and making me hold his hand sometimes. But I did as he asked and let him have my purse in his pocession since that is where all the bottles were being held. Once the cops got there I was handed over to them while the loss prevention went to scan in all the bottles in my purse, taking my whole purse with him. After awhile I was cited out right in front of the store and they gave me my purse back I immediately thought to check to make sure I got all my stuff back and when I opened my wallet it was cleaned out. When I was being questioned by the officer in the cop car earlier, he asked how much money I had on me. I told him $80 and he included it into the report, so I am on statement knowing I had $80. I asked the officer to investigate the issue for me and the only thing he did was go check the cameras. He came back out the store telling me the L.P. took my purse to an area where there was no cameras and just have me a supervisors phone number to complain to. Basically implying that's all he can do for me. When I questioned the guy about stealing my money his first response was, " you just got caught stealing! How are you going to try and complain?!". All I know is I understand yes I'm at fault, but I have rights too and they shouldn't be getting away with stealing from people. I don't steal from people personally, I stole from a company that is insured for mishaps such as me. What can I do?
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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2017
    Suck it up - stop stealing
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2017
    Call and complain to the Albertsons head office. I don't think they'll reimburse you but they may investigate that LP officer.
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    Go find the Albertson forum board and complain over there, you ghetto bitch.