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    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2017
    I remember seeing a group of cashiers counting cash on that table in the cashier pit. They all stood up, staring at the center of the table while a single supervisor would count the cash. Everyone had a look on their face like they were burying a deceased relative. Anyone care to comment on this stupid procedure they have?
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    "Here lies: Remaining Shred of Dignity"
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2017
    Guest: "Here lies: Remaining Shred of Dignity"
    LOL and to think they have to do that several times a day. It's because Randy Fry's too cheap to spend money on a cash counter machine and they're only like $60.
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    Theyre making their bag. At the end I the shift they need to return a bag filled with the correct amount of money so the next person can have a full bag. If yo take in too much money that's fine, its removed from the bag. If you don't have enough money you need to stay and make it. That's why sometimes you may hear a cashier saying credit or cash only. There is nothing wrong with the system. It's just they need o make or keep their bag before they go.