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    I recently bought a open-box iPad from Fry's and am very happy with it! The only issue I have found is that the Fry's server was not able to communicate with the Applecare sever, so I could not add it to my iPad.  
    When I went to buy from Apple, they told me that they cannot add Applecare to it because it was previously registered 6 months ago (from the previous owner), outside the typical 60 day period.  
    Anyone know a work around for this, or a similar, third party solution that covers multiple accidental damages as well as hardware failures?
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    ha ha ha, no. this is an old issue with apple.if someone registers an apple product and then returns it frys MUST contact apple and tell them that the item was returned so that they can cancel the registration. If frys fails to do this apple will only honor the warranty for the original owner. Considering that frys employees are paid on commission only, guess how many take the time to contact apple. if you guess nobody then you are right! you're screwed. haha fuck you! thank you for buying at frys you cheap fuck! you deserve all the pain you get!
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2017
    Return it to Fry's and get one from Apple