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    Hei guys,  
    New here. Heard about this site, but have only visited today since just VQing Fry's  
    Short summary:  
    I worked part-time at Fry's for 6 months, started because I remembered it being a great store in childhood.  
    Stayed long because was asked to by DM. "Promoted" to comp sales after 3 months of Cust Serv  
    Quickly realized to make more than min wage in sales you have to be cold, greedy, and conniving.  
    Great potential with its employees, regardless of their credentials/past, but management decisions are just... horrid.  
    Now unemployed and wondering...  
    How have you climbed up corporate America since Fry's?  
    (Any tips for recently outed or current Fry's Employees?)
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    Hey. Nice to see that you're out of the company. You pretty much got demoted. When they overstaff in a specific dept, they usually throw some peoplein Sales thinking they got promoted. I was a DM for awhile. I quit because of our SM and a flawed system I don't want to be a part of. I'm now in a better company that treats me well.

    Fry's however, will always be a stepping stone for me. I learned a lot and pretty much grew up here professionally. Try working fpr, management (except for SM) can be a little different and might give a more positive vibe.
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    Just an update: 3 months post-VQ...  
    My advise to Fry's employees pursuing or with a bachelors: Consider getting out asap. You should be paid your worth.  
    Fry's may have been something 15 years ago... not in 2018. Not unless they make HUGE changes...  
    When I was quitting Fry's I didn't have a backup job. College and Fry's took enough of my energy.  
    But I didn't like the culture enough to risk burning though savings for awhile.  
    I remember a customer telling me to, "take the risk. Otherwise you'll never know" when I asked him what he thought.  
    I filed for VQ a few days after...  
    Fast forward to today... I'm getting an offer from a fortune 200 company, and interviewing for a fortune 20 [which may earn me a 6 digit salary].  
    I may not have much left in my bank account, but I have a brighter future.  
    I thank myself everyday for trading a little more pocket money for more time.  
    Tips to those who are still working in Fry's (especially you guys taking computer science- I've met you):  
    NETWORK like MAD: I've contacted AT LEAST 310 people over linkedIn and real life combined to find the 2 opportunities above I am very excited for.  
    A cut of those people can relate and WILL help you. A narrower cut will give you a chance.  
    Follow up often, be nice, and be determined.  
    Nosce Te Ipsum: Be clear with what you can do, and what you want to do. Your network will do the rest.  
    If Sales is all you have going- rejoice! Just about all F500 companies need good salesmen.  
    The fact that you sold technical items in Fry's is a plus. Tech companies are huge and pay generously.  
    Don't worry about climbing the ladder. Once you're in- your determination will take care the rest.  
    My final words:  
    "Luck is opportunity meets preparation."  
    If you can manage to use your time preparing/applying/connecting to people while working in Fry's- go ahead.  
    But if you need more time to hunker down (like me), consider the VQ sheet.  
    I aim to reach an extension of the hard working, friendly people I've met in Fry's...  
    If you don't believe in yourself, I will. Good luck
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    i left Frys after three years and work for a great retail food store now.
    I got tired of being screwed out of commissions and being expected to do merchandising for no pay. just leave, don't even think about it, you'll be better off. the deal breaker was when the crooks at Frys altered my timed card so I wouldn't get over time for a 12hr Black Friday shift. I hope they go out of business!
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2018
    Fry's made me some decent money in my early twenties, but it wasn't as lucrative as years prior, and I assume it's even less lucrative now. If you are of drinking age, you are too old to be working at Fry's.  
    I worked at Fry's for five years in Electronic Components. I was fired in 2011 for some trivial shit, mostly because the store manager was a bitch, and I recall that she seemed extra bitch-like that particular day. After Fry's, I worked for some major mobile phone providers for a year or two while I finished up my degree. If you are in college, you need to (generalizing here) get a real sales job (e.g., cars), work in a place that gives great tips, work for a major, recognizable company as an intern, or some combination of those. Yes, I am aware there are other possibilities out there that might make more sense, but for 90% of college-going youth getting a four-year degree that isn't art history, this is the correct answer.  
    After obtaining my own degree, I shotgunned my resume out to at least 100 companies. Do this. Especially if you didn't intern anywhere notable. I had several interviews and a couple offers to choose from. I ended up selecting an offer from the largest U.S. company within a certain field. It required that I move several states away, and it was the best and most important decision I have ever made. Now, in 2018, my fiancee and I make a little over $200k, combined. We live in a half-million dollar house, in a great neighborhood, in a great community.  
    If you have legitimate potential, and are still employed at Fry's, get the fuck out. I know it's "safe," I know it's "comfortable," but you are plotting an inferior trajectory through time. The future is a spectrum, and you are limiting your possible futures by choosing to leave this variable in place. I worked with a handful of high-potential people during my years at Fry's, and it saddens me to know that they will probably remain at Fry's as "lifers," mainly due to complacency and fear of switching pastures. Never settle for your current station; that's what retirement is for. Always use your position in life as a step towards bigger and better. Know when you are grinding, and know when you are merely treading water.  
    <3 Sass.
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2018
    Sass, great plan and success story! To all at Fry's that already have a degree, please take advantage of it.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2018
    It's great to hear success stories.  
    I have a similar story to Sas without the relationship, but maybe that'll be somewhere in the future... did several internships, finished a degree, and achieved several wonderful offers. I'm doing what I love and I'm getting paid for it; to me: It feel like I'm getting overpaid, but I suspect the organization feels like they may have gotten a good deal on me (and they probably did.)
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2018
    I got out because of the overall sensation of corruption everywhere.  
    Hot chicks could get hired and promoted within weeks to a department of their choosing, meanwhile hard working dudes could slave for years and get nowhere if they weren't as equally charismatic and cut-throat unethical as the management.  
    People would take credit for work I did, the warehouse staff /NEVER/ got breaks. They never did, so it became a culture of you're a pussy and everyone would hate you if you needed to break.  
    The bathroom had this terrible smell always, like sewage was leaking into it. I swear that's an OSHA concern.  
    Almost every work computer had "This is not an authorized version of windows", and more than 60% of the front checkout registers/scanners/computers literally would never work, it was always something wrong.  
    Basically, it got to the point where I stopped caring, and that hurt, because I really wanted to always be doing a good job, making sure everything I did was perfect, that I worked so hard that I sweat, only to find that management found that as an opportunity to make things harder on me with an increased workload that made it so other favorite employees could slack off.  
    a good 4-7 of my coworkers never spoke english, one of them was just this old 40 year old spanish lady who always rolled around the store, never really working hard, constantly talking shit about other employees in spanish to the boss, meanwhile she'd approach me and ask me to reach everything for her and to always stop what I'm doing to come help her.  
    My supervisor would talk nonstop, then I'd just respond with "Yeah.. mmhmm..." etc general nodding statements, then the SM would come by and yell at me for talking when all I did was acknowledge her endless stream of statements. He always pet/pat her head, which was super weird.  
    Anyways, TLDR; average Fry's in California. Saw a new employee every 2 weeks, ridiculous turnover.  
    I manage the E-Commerce suite and ERP for a luxury furniture company now, only 2 years later from Merchandiser to Management at a company where there is truth, justice, a drama-free environment and no toxicity whatsoever, as well as the understanding from management that I am allowed to do things my way if it makes more sense in that case. I make around 3x as much, at half the stress, and love what I do.  
    But, I admire fry's as an experience. It taught me a lot, we always had to wear a lot of hats as merchandisers and time management was a key to winning as an ethical young male at the merchandiser level.  
    I got a workout, made a lot of friends, learned a lot about what a failure of an ERP system looks like (Really relevant to what I do now), and still get employee discounts due to my reputation at front checkout today.  
    More importantly, the company I work for now treats our warehouse employees and cherishes them too, instead of abusing them. Many have been around for 2 decades+  
    I don't regret working there, but I absolutely will say that no-one should spend more than 18 months at the store level, I stayed for less than a year.
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    This site is still around? Wow. So glad I got fired. Doing much better now. I am my own boss and can work when I feel like it.
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2018
    I remember I was fired from my location. (Burbank)  
    It was because I called someone in AV a dick for ripping people off in front of the customer.  
    My manager thought it was cute to fire me because of it.  
    You mean to tell me calling someone a dick was then cause?  
    Not because I dressed up as the chip, knocked over merchandise, give porn to customers, shoot Intel and SSD drives into carts NBA 99 style. (GBC Game), teach new hires to do the same. (They made me so proud!), call for backup in returns so I can walk around the store. (I felt bad for some people. They were nice people, so I stayed.) Appear 5 minutes late every shift because I felt like it, blasted Tunak-Tunak-Tun in software, hide merchandise so i can buy it later. (For negative discounts. ) give free promo codes to customers to teach them to just come to me. (Not so smart having a code book now is it?) And my personal favorite, riding on cart and crashing them into the departments.  
    Now I got fired for calling someone a dick. I'm sure any of the above would've done it.  
    But for someone earning a 130 fucking dollars a week with no health benifefs and unknowingly got fucked over? You bet your ass I'm making a big list I am proud to share. This was the tip of the iceberg. If I remember more, I'll share it.  
    Now I work at a bank who gives a shit about me earning double than Frys shitronics. WITH benifets.  
    I tell everyone this story and how Frys is a horrible place. Suck it Burbank.
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    I seriously think it will be a good idea to explain where I live and what I do for a living on a public forum.  
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    Within months of quitting, got a nice FT job and finished college. Part Timing Uni was WAY easier on a desk job.  
    If you haven't gotten a hint, don't wait to leave (if your pursuing a degree/ have legit potential).  
    6-12 months is plenty. Fry's is only good for teaching bad practices.
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2019
    What the hell am I doing on this forum 10 years later? Some misplaced sense of nostalgia?  
    Anyway, I VQ'd in 2012 after a 5 years stint as a CSA. Fry's gave me a steady paycheck with no surprises - which was all I could ask for from a basic job at the time.  
    During my tenure I worked with, I think, one of the most competent and effective dept managers I had ever met. I held a lot of respect for him and was glad to learn he was finally promoted to store manager since my departure.  
    Since 2012 I have earned my BA and have found a rewarding career working in the Criminal Justice system.
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    I got out in 1996 because of being in the dog house with that witch Kathy Kolder.  
    For history, I worked at OG S-Vale store, then the OG Fremont store, then Campbell, opened Woodland Hills then Palo Alto. Started as Service Tech ened as Service Dept Manager in 1996. I was the Youngest Dept Manager and PIC of all the stores at the tine  
    Basically, I was banging a LP chick down in Woodland Hills when the store first opened, I was seeing her for about 5 months then I moved back up to Nor Cal for promotion at Palo Alto store.  
    Come to find out, the LP chick was suing Fry's for wrongful termination. They fired her for Fraternization or some crap. The LP receipt checkers weren't allowed to hang out with anyone outside of Loss Prevention.  
    Next thing you know I'm getting summonds from the girls lawyer to testify on her behalf. Long story short, Kolder called me in her office and asked me to testify on Fry's to knock down this girls case. Frys lawyers even asked if  
    they could get my phone records to prove I was or was not calling her. The suit went on and Frys settled with her and she won $10K.  
    But after my testimony as the hearing, I was written by Store Manager who was a friend of mine and by director of Service Dept, it was not Gaffney but Bob Chamness and both said it came from Kathy Kolder, at the time I was Service Dept Manager.  
    I saw the writing on the wall told Kolder to kick rocks and quit went on to Work for Acer Computer then Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley now I work in Healthcare IT.