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    Hei guys,  
    New here. Heard about this site, but have only visited today since just VQing Fry's  
    Short summary:  
    I worked part-time at Fry's for 6 months, started because I remembered it being a great store in childhood.  
    Stayed long because was asked to by DM. "Promoted" to comp sales after 3 months of Cust Serv  
    Quickly realized to make more than min wage in sales you have to be cold, greedy, and conniving.  
    Great potential with its employees, regardless of their credentials/past, but management decisions are just... horrid.  
    Now unemployed and wondering...  
    How have you climbed up corporate America since Fry's?  
    (Any tips for recently outed or current Fry's Employees?)
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    Hey. Nice to see that you're out of the company. You pretty much got demoted. When they overstaff in a specific dept, they usually throw some peoplein Sales thinking they got promoted. I was a DM for awhile. I quit because of our SM and a flawed system I don't want to be a part of. I'm now in a better company that treats me well.

    Fry's however, will always be a stepping stone for me. I learned a lot and pretty much grew up here professionally. Try working fpr, management (except for SM) can be a little different and might give a more positive vibe.
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