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    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2018
    I just interviewed for a Loss Prevention Officer position. I currently am a loss prevention officer for another company (3 years experience) and I am making $15 an hour, so I put $15 down for desired pay on the application.  
    The LP Manager and Assistant Manager at Fry's said the pay for LP caps at $16.50 an hour and they offered me $13. I said $14 is the minimum I would accept, and they said they couldn't do it. So I said how about $13.50, and they said the max they could do is $13.25. They gave me a conditional job offer at $13.25 an hour, but I don't think I will take it.  
    How much leeway/flexibility do hiring managers really have at Fry's? Would $14 or more for this position be totally out of the question here? Or are they just playing hard ball?
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2018
    Fry's is not the place you want to go to negotiate a salary, unless you're going for an executive-level position. You can accept their offer if you're currently unemployed and keep looking for something better.
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2018
    You actually expect to be paid?
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    Wait. You are going to negotiate pay at a minimum wage shop? Okayyy....