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    About six months ago, I purchased a Samsung Smart UHD 65' TV for almost $1000 including extended in-store warranty, delivery, and sales taxes at Fry's in Fountain Valley. The screen was showing a slight crack in the upper-part about six months later after mounting it to the wall. I called Fry's and two technicians checked it out. I called Fry's back afterward and they had me call the manufacturer. I called Samsung and they said because it was physical damage to the screen that they would not cover it. They advised that I call Fry's because I have an extended warranty. I was informed by Fry's that I have a one-time replacement clause in my Fry's warranty. They also set up for another third party technician to diagnose my TV again. I was already covered by Samsung for a three-year on the manufacturer's warranty, but they said the damage wasn't covered and referred me to Fry's because of the extended warranty.  
    I am waiting for my TV to be diagnosed by a third party set up by Fry's. Meanwhile, I am trying to find out if the one-time replacement clause covers me in this instance. I feel it should since the breakage wasn't my fault to begin with. I further researched and found out that many times a defect where a component within heats up causes the crack to appear. It is on the inside of the TV and not on the exterior at all; when the TV is off you cannot see a crack. Does one-time replacement cover?  
    My question is does a one-time replacement cover this? Otherwise, I am afraid that my warranty from the in-store (Fry's) is identical to the manufacturer's and a waste of money. The clerk advised me that I would be extending the manufacture's warranty by two years, which was wrong to begin with, especially if the replacement isn't part of it.
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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2018 edited
    Screen cracked due to thermal expansion is not covered under warranty or PSC and everyone will tell you it's your fault. Take Samsung to court.