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    I dont know if it is all stores, but the Sac store doesn't even have white paper. They are now printing quotes and other correspondence on blue and yellow sheets of paper.
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    I haven't seen that at my local store, but honestly I haven't gone recently and when I have I haven't seen many people buying anything nevermind anything that needed a quote.
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    I noticed that when I bought something for the first time in a long time that Fry's no longer has the return policy on the back. It is just blank white paper. I imagine it didn't cost them a fortune to have the return policy on the back, but Fry's clearly is trying to save every last penny even if it means doing something that only saves a probably a fraction of a cent per transaction. Honestly, in 2019 they should just allow their POS to let people email them their receipt or not print one at all. You probably want a receipt for some big purchases, but there are some small transactions where people might not want a receipt at all.