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    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2019
    Who do you think it is to blame? Buyers, DDMs, Directors, District Manager (Shweta Trehan), Ken Lutz or Fry brothers?Fry's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
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    All of them
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    flea: Who do you think it is to blame? Buyers, DDMs, Directors, District Manager (Shweta Trehan), Ken Lutz or Fry brothers?
    Schweta there is a name I almost forgot. I remember her as an manager >10 years ago. I recall she thought all sales was the same. i.e. "If you can sell here, you can sell a car, you can sell anything..." Such oversimplification being in corporate management probably isn't a good thing although I'm not sure that the corporate managers back when I worked there >10 years ago were that much better. I think the difference is that the competition from the internet was far weaker and there were more people who still preferred buying at retail so there was a much bigger retail pie to divide.  
    That being said I think that we covered all the major causes in a prior thread. Their corporate buyers even ignoring the epic disaster of Omar Siddiqui were notorious for buying the wrong products that gathered dust and ended up getting fire sold for pennies on the wholesale price they paid for it. A joke for years was that Fry's was great at having everything except for exactly what you actually wanted. Back in the day when the inventory was better you might find a close substitute and still buy something. As margins got thinner buying mistakes became more costly and they bought less inventory and then fewer people came back and the vicious cycle kept going.
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    What are your thoughts on John McGuffin?
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    Macguffin was good at deadpan humor in vcon. He also looks like Macaulay Culkin. Shweta was obviously a pure bullshit shit-talker. That's probably why she fit in so well at home office. The bigger the bullshit ass proclamations you make, the better your chances of getting promoted.
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    I worked at Frys Palo Alto for the whole year 2002, due to dot com crash I couldn't find any job else. It was a totally different era: parking lot was damn full on weekends. We used to announce deals on megaphone from that return counter. I sold 17 inch ViewSonic flat panel for $900, with $40 commission.  
    - Customers had no choice but to visit Frys then, because Frys used to carry almost everything: software, components, desktops, monitors, appliances, cameras. One stop place to browse and buy what's needed. Even if managers, sales men, customer service associates were shitty, people used to come and buy.  
    - As internet sales have been picked up, customers have more choice now: so, people have found better deals online.Prospective buyers just visit and browse, buy only that is needed urgent. Otherwise, buy the same stuff online. This era was a transition era from the earlier times. Here, Frys should have pivoted towards online: they should have set up better than that stupid  
    - Frys should have bought newegg dot com, and kept it as a separate organization without mingling with stupid people that run frys stores, departments.  
    - Even if Frys had bought, they would not have been successful, as they need to wind down frys B&M stores, its leases, and stuff.  
    - Nothing could have saved them, unless they went IPO in the dot com era. Had they gone IPO in 2000, this Frys would have gone the route of "circuit city", etc.