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    Rumor is the all Frys locations are going to shut their door and padlock on December 31, 2019. I am not sure where that news comes from but it is pretty likely at this point. Store shelves are bare at every location and us former employees all know that the management was very good at scaring customers away.  
    Before I worked at a Frys store, I bought a TV and they nearly scared me away from the entire store by the way they acted about delivering it to me, shit it was already paid for. Nice tv though I must say I mean it's an LG LED backlit full 4k HD. Years from now when this forum is still alive and the stores are all long gone people are going to chuckle at the type of technology I purchased but that's just how things go.  
    Well, was fun for the most part working at Frys and best thing is you do make friends there. But my god, the front end in the store....the way they treat customers and employees ughhh... they really needed to straighten it out, I guess the only way is to shut down the entire thing I dunno.  
    / end rant  
    btw, lastly, if someone can find out or prove who said they are closing everything before the first, please reply and let us know. Otherwise I mean, I'm sure we can wait a couple weeks and see. Not that I want a big store like this to close down but I haven't really shopped there in about a year anyway and haven't really been binge shopping on amazon instead anyway.
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    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2019
    The company reeks of shitty upper management all the way through the hiring process until you finally quit or get fired.  
    Fuck em.
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    Currently their plan is to use the stores as online orders. They have a few products on shelves for the holding area. One of those old "We only buy from the vendor unless a customer buys it from us first." So its a ghost stock. Product is ordered, they buy from vendor, ships to store, and they can pick it up. How long that will actually last though is another story.