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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2020
    Where are the "40%-80% off Going Out Of Business" signs? Granted, I haven't walked into a Frys in years, but there are tons of YouTube videos showing what appears to be the final leg of closing liquidation.  
    What is Frys game plan, and what angle are they playing? It's quite obvious they are going out of business, and by any rights...should have years ago. Why would any company keep doors open when they have 30% previous years stock, and STILL charge more for their crumbs than anyone else??  
    The $50,000 question is.... Do the whopping 2 motherboards they have in stock, have "Frys Return" stickers on the inside cover flap?:face-monkey:
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    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2020
    I recently went to my old Fry's where I used to work about 10 years ago. Before that I was a kid who always checked out the sales and went every other week to buy something.  
    Noticed 2 or so old coworkers, and was kinda shocked and sad they were still there after such a long time.  
    The store had nothing. You can't walk into Fry's and build a computer anymore. They had 2 motherboards of the same model, no hard drives, 1 SSD in stock.  
    Talked to one of the old associates, and they are being fed the whole vendor consignment change, tariffs, etc from the top. Any excuse they can use. They still believe things are going to get better.  
    10 years ago the store was mad house of customers, acting like a New York Stock Exchange trying to make quotes and get customers to the registers. Now, the podiums are empty and you won't see any employee nearby.  
    Empty aisles. 5 year old computers for sale. Lots of gamer chairs. Also an entire aisle of the former Software department being filled with packs of water bottles and cheap cologne, the fuck?  
    I left buying nothing.  
    Fry's has missed Black Friday, Christmas, New Years; every usual big retail sale time. I visited one of these times with no customers around.