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    I remember how miserable it was to work at that shit show. I couldn't even think of what it would be like to work their now. How's everyone doing?
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    I say Pretty good. Getting paid minimum wage to tell people to go elsewhere for your product is good times.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2020
    frysanon101: I say Pretty good. Getting paid minimum wage to tell people to go elsewhere for your product is good times.
    LOL that's terrific.  
    I'm great. Decided on a career in aviation. A "real" job.
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2020
    randy fry hires illegal immigrants and pays them $4 and hour  
    they declared my teenager debit card in 2001  
    because they didn't know how to say "decline"  
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    2/21/2016Updated review  
    I'm shocked this place is still in business. When you go there, you are treated like cattle. The cashiers are incompetent (either older white women or foreigners that barely speak English) and the interactions with them are robotic. Even worse, you have to "check out" with the guy at the front to make sure you're not stealing. A few days ago I bought an energy drink and some food, no electronics and I was still treated the same as if I had a computer product.  
    Boycott this store. Walmart, Target, Best Buy are all better. Anyone who says otherwise works for Fry's.  
    4/26/2007Previous review  
    Very confusing and disorganized. I believe that Randy Fry is running a human trafficking business to supply Fry's with immigrants that he can pay less than minimum wage... they speak NO english and know nothing about computers whatsoever.  
    When I was 16 or so and trying to use a debit card the woman yelled DECLARE! DECLARE! DECLARE! and waved my card in the air... after several minutes of trying to figure out what she meant, another customer figured it meant decline.  
    I really think Fry's should be investigated for labor practices... there is no way people that work here are in the US legally, or if they are, Fry's is pretty much stealing them from their home countries.  
    Prices are fine, but I'd rather buy online...

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